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The iPhone Pocket Guide

The iPhone Pocket Guide by Christopher Breen
Here is your essential companion to Apple's iPhone. This handy, low-priced book is packed with quick results so you can jump in and master the iPhone right away. Snappy writing, eye-catching graphics, and a fresh design walks you through the most common iPhone tasks.

The iPhone Pocket Guide shows you how to:
* Set up and quickly start using your phone//iPod//Internet device.
* Make and receive calls and send text messages with your phone.
* Sync calendar and contacts between the iPhone and your Mac or Windows PC.
* Send email using AT&T's wireless network or a Wi-Fi connection.
* Listen to songs and watch movies and TV shows (and YouTube!).
* Surf the Web using the built-in Safari browser.
* View photos and take pictures with the built-in camera.
* Get instant info using the built-in Stocks, Maps, Weather, and Clock applications.
* Run the numbers with Calculator and jot quick reminders with Notes.
* Fix common problems and learn what to do if you can't fix them yourself.
The iPhone Pocket Guide
Author: Christopher Breen
Regular price: $14.99 - our discounted price: $28.87
Published by: Peachpit Press; Paperback; 272 pages; web rating: 5; us
Department: Data in the Enterprise, Telephony, E-mail, Peripherals, Radio & Wireless, Telephone Systems
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GarageBand 2: The Missing Manual

GarageBand 2: The Missing Manual by David Pogue
Whether you're a professional musician or a mere novice, Apple's GarageBand software has everything you need to produce commercial-quality recordings entirely on your own. Just imagine how many thousands of singers and instrumentalists remain undiscovered because they lack the capability to produce viable demos. Well, no more./ Now there's no need to assemble a backup band or book time at a professional studio -- GarageBand has it covered. And GarageBand 2: The Missing Manual gives you the know-how you need to make it all happen. It's an authoritative, witty guide to constructing digital recordings with GarageBand./ Written by the master of the Missing Manual series, and a musician himself, David Pogue, this top-selling book shows you how to maximize the program's entire set of tools. Pre-recorded loops, sampled sounds, live recordings -- they're all explained in easy-to-understand language. It also shows you how to apply professional-sounding effects like reverb or chorusing, and then export the finished product to iTunes, where you can download your work to an iPod, export it as an MP3, or burn it onto CDs./ Now revised to reflect GarageBand's latest features, this book's second edition also addresses how to:
* use GarageBand's eight-track capabilities
* display music notation in real time
* enhance timing and pitch for better quality recordings
* change the tempo and key of recorded instruments
* tune guitars with GarageBand before recording/ / So if you're chasing a dream or just having fun, GarageBand 2: The Missing Manual is the only resource you need to make the finest musical recordings possible./
GarageBand 2: The Missing Manual
Author: David Pogue
Regular price: $24.95 - our discounted price: $5.99
Published by: O'Reilly Media, Inc.; Paperback/ Illustrated; 272 pages; web rating: 5; us
Department: MacOS/ MP3/ Web Authoring & Design/ Macintosh
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