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Eye Candy for a Creative Shot-in-the-Arm

Mark Batty has outdone himself this time!

Just in time for the summer reading season, Mark Batty is where to go for quick, relaxing, sparkling, exciting, thrilling design and graphics books that don't bog you down with deep text. Instead, these books are guaranteed to lift your spirits with a true creative shot-in-the-arm ... we call'em eye candy books, and you're gonna love'em...

Take your art and . . . STICK IT!

Here's a journey into the art form of stickers and street art! It will not only provide hours of eye candy, but will energize you to LOOK for your own thrilling examples to grab with your digital camera. I do it all the time, and with a book like this on vacation, I can stay alert to visual captures I can enjoy forever.

The book does feature interviews with some of the scene's legendary figures like Shepard Fairey and SEEN, along with profiles of international sticker communities -- and of course, the book has stickers, 69 of them. Get stuck on PEEL: The Art of the Sticker, and Take your art and . . . STICK IT!


Translating Hollywood
Not just for Movie Buffs

This is a dual-purpose book ... for the browsers amongst us, it's a page-turning romp through some of the most spectacular graphic designs for posters ever to grace the theater window! For the right-brainers, there is fascinating historic notation and features by such noted designers as Saul Bass! There are posters from classic films made by legendary directors, and some that are coveted collectibles. The book covers the gamut from American blockbusters to obscure science fiction films from all over the world, not just Hollywood. For the design spirit, captions discuss the various visual elements like typography, colors, connotations, catchphrases, and more. Best of all, read this one at the beach or at the tiki bar to immediately strike up conversations with those around you... Translating Hollywood


Food Design
Face Food!

This isn't just eye candy! Wow, it's a visual buffet of delectable delights you could almost bite right into the pages! For the past eight centuries, moms in Japan have made Japanese bento boxes (boxed lunch) for the kids to take to school. No, imagine if you opened your lunch box to find some of these! The bento box today illustrates the rampant popularity of movies, television shows and manga. Get a visual jolt from these creative moms, who painstakingly craft ordinary food into visually creative, appealing food. Get artistic and you won't have to worry about nutrition. Chow down on Face Food: The Visual Creativity of Japanese Bento Boxes


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