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by Alan Schwartz

The annoyance factor for individual users whose email is crammed with pitches for pornography, absurd moneymaking schemes, and dubious health products is fierce. But for organizations, the cost of spam in lost productivity and burned bandwidth is astronomical.

While society is grappling with a solution to the burgeoning crisis of spam proliferation, the pressure is on system administrators to find a solution to this massive problem in-house. And fast.

Sys admins can field scores of complaints and spend months testing software suites that turn out to be too aggressive, too passive, or too complicated to setup only to discover that SpamAssassin (SA), the leading open source spam-fighting tool, is free, flexible, powerful, highly-regarded, and remarkably effective. The drawback? Until now, it was SpamAssassin's lack of published documentation.

SpamAssassin by Alan Schwartz, is the only published resource devoted to SpamAssassin and how to integrate it effectively into your networks. This clear, concise guide clarifies the installation, configuration, and use of the SpamAssassin spam-checking system, providing the expertise you need to take back your inbox.

Justin Mason, SpamAssassin development team says:
      "Detailed, accurate and informative--recommended for spam-filtering beginners and experts alike."

Please note: if you have not purchased Spam Assassin, look at first. If you have a SpamCop account you need no further spam filtering. You don't even have to learn anything, the SpamCop takes care of everything, including reporting the spam to the authorities; something no spam software does.


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by Alan Schwartz

Paperback: 207 pages Publisher: O'Reilly; 1 edition (July, 2004); List Price: $24.95 - buy now: Price: $16.97 and You Save: $7.98 (32%)

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