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Small Websites, Great Results

by Doug Addison

Small Websites, Great Results is the perfect book for today because many businesses are beginning to understand the need and wisdom of simplicity. This book shows readers that bigger is not necessarily better and that there is a proven method for building sites that require less resources but produce fantastic results.

The author's mantra throughout is that simplicity is the key to success. The book shows readers new approaches to creating sites, what makes small sites really work, how to select winning themes for a site, design techniques that make sites look professional even on a small scale, the secrets of getting business from the Web, how to choose the best format for a site, strategies for getting, keeping, and satisfying customers, and much more.

Special techniques are also provided to show readers (who have less experience) how to work with professional designers to get the best possible results.

The book also features a set of small sites that work for! different types of businesses, including professional services, consultants, artists, entertainers, writers, and speakers, and non-profit enterprises. Readers can use the site templates as they are presented or modify them to suit their own special needs.

Anyone who has put off creating a site for their business because of a lack of resources, or those who have built sites that have quickly gotten out of hand, will really treasure this book.

The goal of this book is to serve as a design/idea book. Our mantra is that simplicity leads to great results. Small Web Sites, Great Results will show readers basic strategy and introduce them to the philosophy of doing more with less. The book features design guidelines to make sites look professional even on a small scale, techniques to get the hits from search engines, and more. Users will learn to construct a holistic Web presence that garners real results. An added benefit of this concept is that along with the book there is a simple Web site system, a series of pages, and scripts which will accommodate the principles presented in the book. Users may go to the site, download the frameworks, and instantly post them for their own use.

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by Doug Addison

Publisher: Paraglyph Publishing; Paperback: 352 pages; 1 edition; List Price: $29.99 - buy now: Price: $19.79 and You Save: $10.20 (34%)

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