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Return on Design:
Smarter Web Design That Works

by Ani Phyo

If you don't understand the information design principles that guide content display on the Web, all the bells and whistles on the planet can't guarantee a return on your Web investment. What can is Return on Design: Smarter Web Design for Hard Times. In these pages, the focus is on the information design essentials that can determine a Web site's success or failure. In seven chapters author Ani Phyo outlines her seven-step process for designing successful Web sites, from "Understanding Requirements" to "Ongoing Testing and Revision." Along the way, this designer/instructor covers a range of topics, including assembling the right team, settling on (and then collecting) visual content, usability testing, and more-using lots of personal insights, examples, and anecdotes to make her points resonate. Through it all, the book never loses its focus on returns: the critical cost-cutting techniques and choices that will enable you to deliver more impact for less outlay in today's cost-conscious economy.

About the Author
      Ani Phyo is the founder of SmartMonkey Media, a firm specializing since 1994 in Web, print, fashion, and video design. Clients include Paramount Pictures, Microsoft, Apple Computer, ABC Cable Networks, Simon & Shuster and Gymboree. Recognized for her cutting-edge work in Web design and converging media, Ani is also the global director of user experience for bio-technology leader, Baxter.

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by Ani Phyo

Paperback: 312 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.64 x 9.28 x 8.50, Publisher: New Riders Publishing; 1st edition (May 13, 2003); List Price: $34.99 - buy now: Price: $24.49 and You Save: $10.50 (30%)

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