Going for Style:

Joyce Evans reviews the best of CSS

Joyce passes along her impressions on the CSS books from Molly, Eric and Jeff. Joyce is uniquely qualified to review these books since she is an author herself, and has written numerous books about Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks. You'll note these books are fully endorsed by the Design Bookshelf CSS Bibliography.

Designing With Web Standards

by Jeffrey Zeldman

Zeldman CSS

Many designers/developers have made the move or are making the move to use more CSS styles in their designs. A good place to get a great handle on the subject is this book. What I appreciated is that Jeffery isn't stodgy or high handed about using CSS. He gives a bit of history but more important he explains transitional design and how you can make the change. His concise writing style helped be get a grip on the different terminology and techniques involved in moving to CSS stylesheets.

This book teaches about designing towards the future today keeping in mind new and emerging technologies. The main thing I took away with me was he really got the power of giving ID names to elements through my head.

I consider this one of the core CSS books anyone learning CSS should have — it's very impressive!

Click: Designing With Web Standards
by Jeffrey Zeldman; from New Riders, 434 pages

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