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IT Ethics Handbook: Right and Wrong for IT Professionals

by Stephen Northcutt, Cynthia Madden

Not long ago, knowing the ethics of right from wrong at work was simple: Don't steal office supplies, don't pad your expenses, and try and stay sober at the holiday party.

Times have changed, and the work place is now globally connected and accessible 24x7. In the vast realm of Information Technology (IT), an ethically "wrong" decision can be the corporate equivalent of splitting the atom--a small, seemingly isolated event that causes a devastating impact on a grand scale. When applied to IT, the issue of ethics can no longer be relegated to the back of the employee manual. Highly acclaimed trainer, speaker, and author Stephen Northcutt provides a detailed blueprint on how to first identify, and then resolve, issues of ethics within the enterprise.

Hundreds of Scenarios for You to Consider, Including:

Stephen Northcutt, Director of Training and Certification for the SANS Institute, is a graduate of Mary Washington College. Before entering the computer security field he had a varied career as a Navy helicopter search and rescue crewman, white water rafting guide, culinary chef, martial arts instructor, cartographer, and network designer. He is the author or co-author of various publications including: Incident Handling Step-by-Step, Intrusion Signatures and Analysis, Inside Network Perimeter Security, SANS Security Essentials, Network Intrusion Detection, 3RD edition and now IT Ethics Handbook: Right and Wrong for IT Professionals. He was also the original author of the Shadow Intrusion Detection system and first DoD Shadow team leader before becoming the Chief for Information Warfare at the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization.


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click hereIT Ethics Handbook: Right and Wrong for IT Professionals
by Stephen Northcutt, Cynthia Madden

Paperback: 648 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.21 x 9.28 x 7.04; Publisher: Syngress; 1 edition (June 8, 2004); List Price: $49.95 - buy now: Price: $33.97 and You Save: $15.98 (32%)

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