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Joyce Evans reviews the best of CSS

Joyce passes along her impressions on the CSS books from Molly, Eric and Jeff. Joyce is uniquely qualified to review these books since she is an author herself, and has written numerous books about Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks. You'll note these books are fully endorsed by the Design Bookshelf CSS Bibliography.Eric Meyer

Eric Meyer on CSS

Eric Meyers is probably the most renowned expert on CSS. What I like about this particular book is the tutorial style. It's a step by step for those of us who learn best by doing.

There are 13 very cool projects. They will inspire and motivate you. CSS designed sites do not have to be plain or ugly. He shows how to make the transition from table based designs into CSS based layouts using CSS positioning. He shows how to achieve non-rectangular effects.

The projects all contain practical techniques and advice from the expert on CSS. This book does assume you have a fairly good understanding of HTML and can edit by hand. It is not meant for first time users of CSS.

Each project encourages you to expand on what you have just learned with "Branching Out" sections as well as 3 short exercises to modify what you just did.

The projects all stand alone but they really do build on each other so using it in a linear fashion is best.

Once you get a working knowledge of CSS be sure to grab this one!

Click: Eric Meyer on CSS
by Eric Meyer from New Riders, 321 pages


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