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"I'm recommending this book for any web designer who designs web sites above and beyond the typical personal webpage. Because if you don't heed this message, a personal page is all you'll end up with!"   Fred Showker, DT&G Magazine

Ilise Benun Ilise Benun has brought together more than 50 examples of well-known Web sites, and then profiled them according their target audience to illustrate good and bad design and functionality. After all, designing for the specific audience is much more effective than a shot-gun blast in the dark.
      Speaking of "shooting in the dark" be sure to read Ilise's interview with DT&G on the topic of "Head-In-The-Sand Design" and you'll see some of the real wisdom of this book!

In Designing Websites for Every Audience, Ilise presents clear guidelines for meeting the end user's needs. No, this is not another "usability" book. With in-depth analysis, chapters cover key topics related to solid Web design, including:

  1. The human factors of usability
  2. Design that accommodates different platforms, browsers and modem speeds
  3. Common traits of user-friendly Web sites
  4. Design options for enhanced e-commerce, catalogs, portals, community sites and more
  5. Typography selections for optimum readability
  6. Page layouts that promote quick downloading, easy scrolling clear navigation

Designing Websites
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Paperback, 144 pages; 200 color illustrations
There are also complete chapters on developing effective site maps and other crucial navigational elements, as well as advice for designing with video, animation, audio and interactive technologies.

Do us all a favor.

Read this book, and then start designing your web pages with these lessons in mind. Believe me, the web will be a far better place for us all if you do! No one likes to go to web sites that are misleading, for designed for the sole gratification of the designer alone. It's not about what the designer likes -- or even what the client likes. It's about what the reader needs -- and why they came to the web site in the first place.

Fred Showker

About the author Ilise Benun is the Director of Creative Marketing & Management, New Jersey-based consulting firm. She is a nationally recognized speaker who has given workshops and seminars for the HOW Design Conference, Graphic Artist's Guild and other organizations. She is the author of two marketing handbooks, as well as the book Self Promotion Online. She lives in Hoboken, New Jersey.
      Read along as we chat with Ilise in the DT&G interview: "Head-In-The-Sand Design"

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