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A Typographic Workbook

by Kate Clair, Cynthia

A Typographic Workbook : A Primer to History, Techniques, and Artistry
I've used this book extensively for my Introduction to Typography class at JMU, and encourage all graphic arts, publishing and even journalism students to read it. The history is most important -- and hands-on "projects" bring home the important points of each lesson.

typography workbook Lavishly illustrated with over 750 images, this new edition of A Typographic Workbook takes the "workbook" idea to a whole new level. It features many new projects as well as review questions and quizzes for self-learning! New and updated material explores digital technologies that have emerged since the first edition was published, and a revised historical overview presents a clear, well-organized picture of our typographic past.

Provides step-by-step guidance and numerous practice exercises that help you develop the confidence and skills needed to put that knowledge to work in your own designs.

On the down side: I fully disagree with the author on one section where she constantly refers to the "banner" or "name plate" of a publication as the Masthead. I'm hoping that blatant error is corrected by the next edition because it takes away from the book's credibility. My second complaint is about the paper used for the pages of the book. Any book about typography, or the graphic arts for that matter, should be printed on at least 60-pound book stock if not heavier. They should have used a high-bulk sheet since there is a lot of read-through with the 50-pound stock used. It distracts greatly from the images and even the text on these pages.

Otherwise it's an excellent teaching book for all those interested in the art and craft of typography!

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by Kate Clair, Cynthia

Paperback: 400 pages; Publisher: Wiley; 2 edition (July 29, 2005); Language: English; List Price: $40.00 - buy now: Price: $26.40 and You Save: $13.60 (34%)

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