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Type Rules! is BACK

The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography

I can quite confidently attest that if Ilene Strizver writes, designs, or talks about typography that it's going to be good. She never disappoints me or any of her thousands of loyal readers, students and followers. This second incarnation of Type Rules! is no exception -- and even if you own the first edition, you owe it to yourself to grab this one!

Type Rules Drop CapsType Rules! has now been brought up-to-date and is really much more than a thorough introduction to the principles and practices of typography. It's not just the information that's so superb -- the whole package exudes creative inspiration for beginners and old pros alike.

From the fundamentals to cutting-edge applications, this Second Edition has everything today's serious designer needs. Dozens of exercises reinforce authoritative coverage on such topics as how to select the appropriate type for the job, how to set type like a pro, how to avoid common mistakes, and how to design a typeface, as well as how to fully harness the power of major design packages like Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress.

* Tech Tips - Ilene now includes instructional sidebars that succinctly explain how to achieve the covered typographic principles and techniques -- in easy to understand terms. (Remember, she teaches typography!)

* Type Tips - She also purveys expert tips and helpful hints that offer insightful details on covered topics -- historical aspects, design axioms, reader benefits

* Educational Supplements - She puts you to work learning the intricate details of typography through exercises and assignments that reinforce material and show how to apply techniques in the real world


Prof. Ed Benguiat, type designer and educator, School of Visual Arts, NYC says:
      "Type Rules! is a 'must-have' book for students and professionals alike. I highly recommend it."

Now tell me. Are you going to argue with world-renowned Ed Benguiat? I think not.

Fred Showker, editor for the Design Bookshelf says:
      "My first edition is now well worn, with post-it notes sticking out all over. Even if you are a seasoned professional, this book, especially in its hard-bound edition, is well worth owning. While it's a refreshing and enjoyable text for students to learn detail -- it's also a wonderful book to thumb-through for creative inspiration. Just about any spread you open will give you a visual shot-in-the-arm, and always some spark of idea to use in the project you're currently working on. "

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Type Rules! : The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography
by Ilene Strizver List Price: $45.00
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Paperback: 208 pages; Publisher: Wiley; edition 2 (February 2006); Language: English
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About the AuthorIlene Strizver

Ilene Strizver, owner and founder of The Type Studio, followed an indirect yet purposeful path toward typography. She earned a Bachelor's in Fine Art at University of New Mexico, then continued her studies in graphic arts and calligraphy in New York City. She attended the prestigious School of Visual Arts where she was mentored by legendary type designer Ed Benguiat. Her acceptance into his renowned lettering class changed her life. Ilene says:
      "Ed instilled within me the passion for type that I have today."

Ilene brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from 9 years as Director of Typeface Development at the International Typeface Corporation (ITC) in New York City, where she was involved in developing more than 300 text and display typefaces with such respected and world-renowned type designers as Sumner Stone, Erik Spiekermann, Jill Bell, Jim Parkinson, and the late Phill Grimshaw. Prior to ITC, Ilene was Creative & Production Director of Upper & lowercase (U&lc), the award-winning international journal for typography and typographic design. She cut her typographic teeth while working on this publication and other projects with type/design icons Benguiat, Aaron Burns and Herb Lubalin. Her clients include ITC, Agfa Monotype Corporation (AMT), Adobe, Galápagos Design Group, Johnson & Johnson and

As an author, Ilene has written for HOW Magazine, STEP Inside Design, Dynamic Graphics, Letterspace, as well as for U&lc Online. She currently writes a monthly column entitled FY(T)I -- for your typographic information -- for the Agfa Monotype Typography (AMT) and ITC web sites. Her book, Type Rules! The designer's guide to professional typography, has earned numerous accolades from the design community, including the 2001 Editor's Choice Award by the online publication, Design, Type & Graphics Magazine.

She is on the faculty of the School of Visual Arts in New York City, teaching a popular class entitled Gourmet Typography.

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