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The Complete Manual of Typography

by James Felici

"Everyone who prints words and letters on paper needs this book..."

Fred Showker, DTG Magazine

As soon as this book arrived I jumped in.
      I was currently using three different texts in my Introduction to Typography course at James Madison University: Ron Carter's "Typographic Design"; "A Type Primer" by John Kane, and "Stop Stealing Sheep" from Eric Spiekermann and E. M. Ginger -- three of the most stunning books on typography in a decade. However, I've now added Felici's book to the line-up.
      If you've been involved with desktop publishing since the beginning, you might remember a book by Felici which became the bible of DTP in the mid 80'. Unfortunately that book is no longer in print. But this one is.

Felici has worked in the publishing industry for some 30 years in both editorial and production capacities. In detailed but practical language, he explains how to use today's computerized tools to set type like a professional.

The principles are thoroughly illustrated with examples throughout the book. His intent is not to provide a "style guide" -- e.g. why to choose one typeface over another -- instead he focuses on the execution of setting the type chosen in the most professional way. Intended as a resource for designers, print production professionals, and corporate communication managers, and as a textbook for educators and students.

Frank Romano, RIT School of Print Media says:
"The ultimate typographic tool: a concise, beautiful book that pulls together everything you need to produce great typography."

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Design Bookshelf for designers graphic artists photographers illustrators painters

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