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Logo, Font & Lettering Bible

by Leslie Cabarga

BEST I predict the Logo Font & Lettering Bible: A Comprehensive Guide to the Design, Construction and Usage of Alphabets and Symbols by Leslie Cabarga will become a classic for the graphic artist, designer and signer.

The publisher is hyping this book as a Logo book. Their pitch says: "This book-a hands-on guide to the entire logo-making process-combines an enjoyable visual approach with extensive, industry-tested information." And all that's true. However I wonder if the writers for How Design Books have ever done lettering or designed a logo. I don't think so by the level of excitement in their releases.
      No, this is not all together about just logos, fonts and lettering; this is about the very soul of an art, a design discipline, and a fine craft. This is about the way creative people think and react to visual stimuli. This is about the most visually exciting and inspiring book for graphic designers to come along in long, long time. In fact, I cannot remember any that really come close.

Logos spread Okay, it's a shop manual too. After you get over the initial immersion into visual nirvana, this is a hands-on guide to the entire logo-making process. It shows a wonderful world of type and lettering then combined with extensive, industry-tested information. Yes it covers roughs and concept 'sketch-storming' -- it covers a myriad of styles, it covers hand-lettering - and making computer-set type far more special than any computer could do.

Leslie What is most important about this book however is that this is a better trainer on working with computer type than all the trendy Photoshop and Illustrator writers put together. Why? Because those people are basically writers who have read the manuals and can write tutorials. Cabarga on the other hand was creating fabulous graphics before many of those people were born. As an illustrator he's drawn covers for Time, Newsweek, Fortune and National Lampoon. He has also worked as a designer in the art departments of Rolling Stone and San Francisco's City Magazine. He was doing it for top art directors two decades before anyone heard of Adobe. He has authored over two dozen books on design including The Designer's Guide to Color Combinations and The Designer's Guide to Global Color Combinations.

This book gives you both the tools and the visual alacrity to design blockbuster logos, signs, packaging, posters and t-shirt art. More importantly, it energizes the creative mind with a new world of opportunity and possibilities.

designs Your typography and design can shine way above the crowd. Unlike the 'desktop publishers' out there you won't have to use filters and software tricks in place of creativity. You will no longer have to pad your designs with unnecessary decoration!

For veteran designers, no matter how burned-out you may be; or what kind of creative rut you might be in -- I guarantee that 15 minutes with this book and you'll be spilling out great ideas. The easy-to-read, fun-to-browse, all-picture format will give you more ideas than you have clients for... then goes into meticulous detail about how to use the computer to put those ideas to work.

As I told the readers in the Design Cafe last month; if I could, I would buy them all a copy of this book just so they would have it.

Seymour Chwast says:
      "Everything you never thought -- in your wildest dreams -- you needed to know about type and logos. A mad, but indispensable, compendium of low and high design."

Roger Black says:
      "A book that cuts through all the latter-day typographic clutter and shows how to make lettering work for almost any project. Cabarga's style, energy and sense of fun make this the most complete type and lettering manual I've ever seen."

Fred Showker says:
      "This book needs to be on every visual artist and graphic designer's desktop, and in the labs of any art or design school worth worth attending."

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LogosThe Logo, Font & Lettering Bible
by Leslie Cabarga

Hardcover: 240 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.90 x 11.38 x 8.74; Publisher: How Design Books; (March 2004); List Price: $32.99 - buy now: Price: $22.43 and You Save: $10.56 (32%)

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