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Made with FontFont: Type for Independent Minds

by Jan Middendrop & Erik SpiekermanMade with FontFont: Type for Independent Minds

This spectacular book will thrill anyone involved in the visual arts from the first moment they pick it up, through every stunning page! I haven't seen a book that is (seriously) this much fun to look at and thrum through since Leslie Cabarga's Logo, Font & Lettering Bible. This is one that no self-respecting graphic designer should be without!

When the book first arrived, I was blown away just by the unique cover! It's hard bound, and printed in specialty inks, raised for a very tactile feel. But this was just a small clue of what excitement the inside of the book held. As I began digging through the luscious pages this little voice in the back of my head kept saying: "Move over Ronnie Lipton, here comes another Book-of-the-Year!". But it's not just about shock-and-awe. There's a lot to be learned here, as the book explores the typographic revolution that changed the face of design.

Made with FontFont commemorates the fifteen-year anniversary of the groundbreaking digital type foundry FontShop International. Edited by FSI co-founder Erik Spiekermann and Dutch writer-designer Jan Middendorp, the colorful compendium is actually an anthology of type specimens and essays closely and creatively examining how FontFont operates. Each page is truly a visual treat -- designed by typography designers after all, testifying to this foundry's influence on the trends of type and typography. It's truly a book created by "designers for designers."

The 368 pages are divided into five chapters revealing the essence of and its legacy: Thinking FontFont, Talking FontFont, Making FontFont, Showing FontFont, Made with FontFont. These heavily illustrated sections demonstrate the dynamic range of the FontFont typefaces, which have been used for everything from instructions for wearing an Indian sari to the packaging for Viagra.

Spiekermann Made with FontFont reads like a Who's Who of contemporary designers and design writers. Contributions from Akira Kobayashi, Rian Hughes, Emily King, Ellen Lupton and Reza Abedini, among others, including FontFont's founders, of course, will educate and inspire anyone with an interest in contemporary graphic design.

Spiekermann, along with partners Neville Brody and Joan Spiekermann, conceived of FontFont in the late 1980s, after desktop publishing put type in the hands of the masses. Newly minted typographers and experienced design professionals demanded fresh, vital lettering styles for client work and personal expression. Spiekermann and company worked with an international group of innovators, including many young talents, to develop the FontFont collection.
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Spiekermann says

Erik Spiekermann "We just knew all these great designers who now had the tools to do their own type, while we had the tool for distributing them through FontShops," Spiekermann says. "We also knew that we were not the only designers who were ready for alternatives to Helvetica, Times, and even Garamond."

Made with FontFont illustrates just how visible these typefaces are in the global landscape. The 352-page book is replete with real-world examples of FontFonts in use, from high-profile ad campaigns for big automakers and fast food giants to iconic poster designs for the Tyson/Tubbs heavyweight battle in Tokyo and New York's Shakespeare in the Park.

I am recommending today, that if you love to hold a good design book in your hands; if you care anything about excellent typography, and about the forces that make typography what it is today...
Run -- don't walk -- to your nearest bookseller and buy Made with FontFont: Type for Independent Minds.

Typography isn't the only thing you'll get -- you'll get a visual treat from graphic designers and typographers who have type and fonts flowing through their veins. You'll love this book from the unique cover, to each and every juicy page -- and I firmly believe it will not only become an ongoing resource for visual shots-in-the-arm -- but one of your favorite books of all time.

Fred Showker
      Editor / Publisher: DT&G Magazine

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click hereMade with FontFont: Type for Independent Minds
by Erik Spiekermann and Jan Middendorp

Format: Casebound; Page Count: 368; color illustrations throughout, Size: 8 1/2 x 11 1/4 inches, Publisher: Mark Batty; Category: Design, Typography List Price: $65.00 - Price: $40.95; You Save: $24.05 (37%)

Download this stunning excerpt that will tease you with visuals! (PDF Format: MWFF-Binder.pdf)

About the authors

Erik Spiekermann is an information architect, type designer, and author. He founded Germany's largest design firm, MetaDesign, in 1979, and started FontShop in 1989. He has numerous typefaces to his credit, including the bestselling FF Meta® and ITC Officina®. Spiekermann lives and works in Berlin, London, and San Francisco.

Jan Middendorp is a Dutch-born designer, writer, editor, and educator based in Berlin. He was previously editor of "Druk" magazine for FontShop Benelux, and authored the critically acclaimed reference "Dutch Type," the first overview of type design in the Netherlands.

FontFont and FontFont typeface names are trademarks of FSI FontShop International. Other trademarks mentioned for informational purposes are the property of their respective owners.

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