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Basics Design: Typography

by Gavin Ambrose and Paul Harris

spread This is a wonderful text taking the typography student through a visual journey into looking at type and typography. Authors Ambrose and Harris cover type classification, type generation, visual identity, hand-drawn type, printing and finishing techniques and most importantly, type in practice. As part of the Basic Design Series from AVA, this book rounds out the designer's understanding and solid grounding in type and typography.

spread AVA comments:
      "Typography is the means by which a written idea is given a visual form. The selection of the visual form can dramatically affect the readability of the written idea and a reader's feelings towards it due to the hundreds, if not thousands of typefaces available. Typography can produce a neutral effect or rouse the passions, symbolise artistic, political or philosophical movements, or express the personality of a person or organisation. Typefaces vary from clear and distinguishable letterforms that flow easily before the eye and are suitable for extended blocks of text, to more dramatic and eye-catching typefaces that grab attention and are used in newspaper headlines and advertisements."

Basics Design: Typography is not just a text book however. Even seasoned professionals will enjoy this work because of its fresh look, well researched examples and lavish color printing. Few pages don't have visuals and examples from the text.

The Authors

Gavin Ambrose is a practicing graphic designer and a part-time tutor on the Masters' TypoGraphic and the Undergraduate Information Design courses at the London College of Printing. Upon graduating with a Masters Degree in Communications from Central St Martins he worked as a freelance designer for several design agencies, including Studio Myerscough, Rodney Fitch & Co. and Masius. Current commercial practice includes clients from the arts sector, galleries, publishers and advertising agencies and he is the author/designer of previous books on branding and packaging. Gavin lives and works in London.

Paul Harris PG Dip London College of Printing, is a freelance writer and editor who has written for magazines and journals both in London and New York including Dazed & Confused, and has previously written about packaging design. Paul lives and works in London.

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click hereBasics Design: Typography
by Gavin Ambrose and Paul Harris

176 pages, 200 colour images, 230 x 160mm, Paperback with Flaps May 2005

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      This module addresses the physical dimensions of a product and the space one has to best present the graphic elements of a design. Product shape and size is a neglected but key aspect of a design's eventual impact, and within all print and digital media a creative approach to format selection can produce dramatic results.

See also: Basics Design: Layout
      In this volume, layout becomes the focus, bringing Typography, Format and Color together into a cohesive visual statement. Layout is the arrangement of the elements of the design, and could also be called the management of form and space. The objective of layout is to present the visual and textural elements that are to be communicated in a manner that enables the reader to receive it with the minimum of effort. With good layout, a reader can be navigated through quite complex information in both print and electronic media.

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