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Published by Peachpit Press, 1st Ed, Paperback, 208 pgs,
ISBN: 020168859X
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If you're just beginning into the web design scene... this is the book for you!

The Non-Designer's
Web Book

An easy guide to creating, designing, and posting your own web site

By Robin Williams and John Tollett

"for all the people who now need to design web pages, but who have no background or formal training in design."

As only Robin could write it, this is the most fun you'll have getting started in creating web pages.
__ Ideally suited for the novice, Robin helps you along a most enjoyable path to creating good web pages. We feel it's really too bad this book wasn't available in 1994. Perhaps there wouldn't be so many ugly web sites around!
__ This book covers everything... from the very basics about getting on the web, to searching and building. Most importantly, Robin shows us the "why" along with the "HOW" of web page layout. Too many self-professed web designers these days are writing books called "DESIGN" books which really have nothing to do with design. With the actual organization of visual elements within the format to accomplish the goals and missions of the author.
__ Most design books just talk about HTML. Robin gives us enlightenment.
Robin also helps the newby understand the difference between print and web design... she walks you through the basic principles of design, then shows you how to apply those principles specifically to the web page.
__ This reviewer has been designing web pages since 1994, and found Robin's work not only refreshing and enjoyable... but I picked up a few fun tricks I had either never thought about, or forgotten. This is a great shot-in-the-arm for even seasoned designers. It will put the process in a totally different light.
__ John Tollett, Robin's partner in this book, brings his own special expertise and unique perspective on design to the book as well.
Best of all, Robin has this unique gift for helping the reader shed the stiffness and anxioties about approaching a design project. Her sincere love of design, typography and publishing, along with her joy of training and teaching is an inspiration to all.
__ We gave Robin's "Non-designers Design Book" a rousing thumbs-up, and this one follows in the same tradition. Buy the Non-Designers' Web Book. Give it to your favorite student, teacher, or business associate. You'll be glad you did.

Designers Bookshelf . / . ROBIN!

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