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Understanding Adobe Photoshop

Richard Harrington

Digital Imaging Concepts and Techniques

If you're exploring a career in digital imaging or design, then you're likely to encounter Photoshop along the way -- you probably already have. But how well do you know it?

Understanding Adobe Photoshop: Digital Image Concepts and Techniques goes beyond the school newspaper or internship and teaches you the fundamental digital imaging techniques in Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements that you'll need to succeed both in the classroom and the workforce.

While many Photoshop books focus on features, tools, or techniques, this book covers both the basics and delves into specific skills, tricks, and uses in multimedia.

With a friendly style and interactive DVD-ROM, Richard Harrington covers digital imaging basics (correcting, editing, sharpening, retouching, and presenting photos) and shows you real-world projects and exercises, including: digital painting; designing a CD-DVD label, magazine cover, and advertisements; creating Web sites, animations; and more!

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Richard Harrington

Published by: Peachpit Press; Paperback; 400 pages; web rating: ; us; $44.99 - buy now: $27.37 and Up to 30% OFF

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