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Be sure to read our interview with Katrin Eismann in DTG Magazine

Katrin Eismann's
Restoration & Retouching

Katrin Eismann's "Photoshop Restoration & Retouching" is back with a new edition, this time topping all others in the retouching field. This one is real training, and real information. Not only does it contain the most important lessons in Photoshop use, it's written in such a friendly, conversational manner I felt at home with Katrin almonst immediately. She has such a nice 'hand' that you simply flow into the lessons -- even the hard, cold, techniques -- as if you were reading a leisure novel.
    This "personality" does not betray the hidden powers of Katrin's writings however. The power is here -- you can darn well bet on that.
    Photoshop Restoration & Retouching walks you through numerous step-by-step examples used by professional digital artists. In the process you learn the best aspects of Photoshop's tools. Here's easy to read and comprehend training on improving color, contrast and tone in photographs. You learn how to compensate and correct for poor exposure in digital photographs. You learn the best way to remove dust, scratches, and other debris that plague photos. You learn how to use color, contrast and digitally enhanced details to refine any photographic subject (especially portraits), and do it invisibly. It's wonderful.
The book is lavishly illustrated, and we didn't find one single page (yet) that didn't have illustrations. Oooops, I take that back. The index does not have pictures! (click for a big image of the back cover.)

Let me show you...
This pop-open page illustrates Katrin's section on building special noise and grain brushes to invisibly match existing image qualities for perfect modifications. (Click to Open)
    One of my favorite sections is the one on rebuilding badly damaged photos. Katrin uses all the powers available in Photoshop -- but as a true artist and professional, she builds in her own insights and experiences from the real-world trenches. For instance, in this wedding photo restoration project she uses the fur of a polar bear to rebuild a section of carpet that was torn from the original photo! There are a number of new "retouching tips and tricks" books hitting the shelves these days. But none with the pure insight and depth of this one. (Click to Open... sorry, but this is a big image, please be patient, or continue reading here while the pop-up page loads.)

Glamour and fashion... it's all here
Katrin spends some considerable space on the retouching of photos from the advertising industry point of view. She shows us how to trim down that model, remove unwanted "extra weight" -- facial blemishes. You'll learn how to remove some of the traces of time in the wrinkles in the corporate director's face. You'll learn how to widen and brighten the eyes of a beautiful Asian fashion model... invisibly. You'll learn how to heighten the effects of catchlights and moisture in human eyes, and you'll spend some time learning the photographic mechanicales of eyeball fundamentals. You'll learn how to soften, lessen and work with reflections in eyeglasses... so they reveal the expressive eyes, without defying the retouchers brush. You'll follow along with Katrin as she performs photographic surgery on a glamour photo, following the brutal instructions of an art director. (Yikes!) You'll learn how to tuck the tummy, thin the thighs and moisten the lips, all in a way that challenges even the most careful scrutiny.
    The one thing wrong with this book -- you might experience it too -- is that it's so compelling to thumb through, it makes me sad that I don't have some photo clients so I can get paid to play with all these techniques. I've spent four-and-a-half hours with this book today -- hours that I didn't have! If you find some accounts that want photo retouching, please send them my way. Okay?
    Katrin's book ranks at the very top of my photo retouching library. I highly recommend it to photographers and photo retouchers who intend to make a living at the craft. All the rest of you Photoshop heads out there -- even if you're not eminently involved in the photography business, you should get this book. I believe you'll be mightily glad you did.

Fred Showker
Editor/publisher, DT&G Magazine

KatrinKatrin Eismann is an internationally respected lecturer and teacher of the subject of imaging, restoration and retouching. She has been an alpha team member for the last two versions of Photoshop and has worked for such clients as How Magazine, Adobe, Eastman Kodak, Apple Computer, The American Film Institute, Time-Life, UCLA and others. You can see her at selected ThunderLizard conferences.

Photoshop Restoration & Retouching
by Katrin Eismann

Interview with Katrin Eismann in DTG Magazine
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