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Photoshop CS2 Visual Encyclopedia

Stephen Romaniello, Elizabeth Cardenas-Nelson

Packed with essential explanations, color graphics, tips, and how-to steps, this A-to-Z reference covers hundreds of Photoshop cs2 tools and techniques in alphabetical order using full-color illustrations and screen shots.

Author Stephen Romaniello illustrates everything from color modes, concepts, file formats, file saving, filters, history, and icons to menu items, palettes, preferences, terminology, tools, and navigation.

* Step-by-step techniques describe how to achieve a specific result, such as actions and automations, alpha channels, color correction, and color management

* Features definitions and examples of coverage of layers, painting, photo retouching, quick mask, scanning, selections, sizing and transforming, and advanced layer techniques

* Also addresses advanced topics such as adjustment layers, clipping groups, compositing, difficult selections,and much more

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Stephen Romaniello, Elizabeth Cardenas-Nelson

Published by: Visual; Paperback; 432 pages; web rating: 5; us; $39.99 - buy now: $24.03 and Up to 30% OFF

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