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Photoshop for Nature Photographers

by Ellen Anon, Tim Grey

Don't be mislead by the title "Nature." If you'll look in your photo collection, you'll see that as many as a third of your photographs are taken outdoors. A large majority of those deal primarily with natural scenes. It's just the way people take pictures.

This Workshop in a Book is the first book to teach nature photographers practical Photoshop skills that will solve their most common problems. Authors Anon and Grey provide a real-world approach that simulates a workshop experience, feature gorgeous photography, and include tips and techniques from the biggest names in nature photography.

Art Wolfe, world-renowned nature photographer, artist and author says:
      "I'm very impressed with the scope of the work in this book, the depth of the knowledge, and the clear instruction. Tim and Ellen do a fantastic job of guiding the reader through the technical maze of digital photography."

To produce outstanding nature photographs, it's essential that you optimize your capture both in the field and in the darkroom. Written cover-to-cover to fit the unique needs of nature photographers, this practical book addresses the tools, techniques, and workflow ideally suited for natural subjects. You'll figure out how to plan for overlapping landscape exposures, sharpen animal eyes, edit sky and land separately, and repair delicate butterfly wings. You'll discover effective shooting tips. And above all, you'll learn what it takes to become a master in the digital darkroom using Photoshop.

Inside, you'll learn the skills necessary to maximize the impact of your nature photographs, including how to:

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by Ellen Anon, Tim Grey

Paperback: 336 pages; Publisher: Sybex; Bk & CD-Rom edition (August 19, 2005); Language: English; List Price: $49.99 - buy now: Price: $32.99 and You Save: $17.00 (34%)

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