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Adobe Photoshop CS For Photographers

by Martin Evening

It's been a while since we had the pleasure of a visit from Martin Evening, but when we do we're sure it will be a blockbuster. You can buy any of those trendy Photoshop books out there along the highway, but if you want the real thing, you've come to the right place.

There's no padding or fluff to this book. It's all solid Photoshop training from the first overview of tools to the in-depth portrait studies; to the heart-stopping fashion retouching. Martin is straight and down to business -- yet maintains a gentle desktop manner that few others can match. His operations are clear and concise; and always lead you into successful results. While Martin bills this book as for photographers, it will be well at home for anyone in the creative digital endeavors. Some of his imagery is so striking -- and the techniques used in the development of the images -- is pure inspiration for even the fine arts painter.


There are over 450 professional, color illustrations in this book -- and it's all printed in top quality on opaque, dull coated stock that makes the text and images sing. The flow of information and organization of the contents make this book easy to use and enjoy. The included CD-rom has work images from the exercises as well as video training in QuickTime so you actually experience the master at work.

What's New in Photoshop?

In addition to good solid Photoshop training, Martin also ushers you into all the new features of the CS edition of Photoshop. You'll be delighted to find many diagrams of the way things work in Photoshop -- not just screens, or before/after shots. But pure diagrams that visually help you understand not just the commands but the concepts as well. On page 193 he shows us the relationship between selections, channels, paths and layers through a beautifully conceived flow chart -- the best I've ever seen in any Photoshop book. In his chapter on Montaging Techniques he doesn't just skim across the subject like many of the professional authors do -- he guides you through the art and the theory as a professional photographer!

Taught by a Pro

What makes this book special? The fact that most other Photoshop books you run across are taught by authors who get paid to write books. Martin gets paid to shoot and process some of the best commercial photography in the world. This is the distinct difference in the learning matter you'll get from this book. Martin isn't just telling you how to do it -- he's telling you how to do it from the perspective of a world-class photographer with literally thousands of hours of experience. Nothing beats field experience. Just take a look at his portfolio, or any of the wonderful photos there. (See any of his heavily retouched fashion shots, or high-style commercial shots, or, my favorite; the "Globe". You'll see true professionalism at its very best.

Not another recipe book

best choice As Marc Pawliger, Adobe's Director of Engineering, Digital Imaging, so aptly puts it:
      "This isn't another 'recipe' book that ignores your skilled eye and assumes all you want to do is paste your head on a supermodel's body. Photoshop can do that, but if that is your goal, this is not the book for you."

We agree 100%. There are lots of "stupid Photoshop Tricks" books out there in all price ranges. But when you're ready to fully benefit from all that Photoshop has to offer, Adobe Photoshop CS for Photographers is the perfect place to start.
Thanks for reading.
Fred Showker

Editor/Publisher DT&G Magazine

Adobe Photoshop CS for Photographers

Professional Image Editor's Guide to the Creative Use of Photoshop for the Mac and PC
by Martin Evening
List Price: $44.95 Price: $30.57, You Save: $14.38 (32%) -- Paperback: 576 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.24 x 9.72 x 7.56; Publisher: Focal Press; Bk & Cdr edition (March 1, 2004)

Martin Evening

Martin Evening is a professional photographer who has been working with digital images and Photoshop for many years. He works mainly in studio based beauty photography for PR and direct clients. The use of the computer has played a significant role in Martin's work, with nearly everything being retouched or manipulated in Photoshop. This is a regular everyday experience and one which has enabled him to gain an extensive, specialist knowledge of Photoshop.
      Martin is beta tester for Adobe Photoshop and regularly presents seminars on Photoshop techniques in both the UK and USA. He was the keynote speaker for Adobe on their Photoshop 7.0 UK roadshow and is a key Photoshop CS demo artist for Adobe too. Martin also acts as digital imaging consultant for design and photographic studios. He is a founding member of the Digital Imaging Group, London and is co-listowner of the ProDIG mailing list - a Photoshop discussion list on the web. The author lives and works in North London.

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