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Photo Salvage with Adobe Photoshop

by Jack Drafahl, Sue Drafahl

Photo Salvage with Adobe Photoshop : Techniques for Saving Damaged Prints, Slides and Negatives

Offering extensive information on photo salvage techniques essential to all photography, this book provides a comprehensive understanding of techniques made possible with Adobe Photoshop.

From a novice-friendly examination of required equipment to an in-depth investigation of Photoshop's most user-friendly tools, this book will render even the most hesitant photographer confident. Topics covered include faded images, exposure problems, scratches, red-eye reduction, and hardware. Also examined is outputting corrected images for Web sites, slides and negatives, and inkjet printing.

About the Author

Jack Drafahl and Sue Drafahl are multimedia producers who have written articles for publications such as Peterson's Photographic, Rangefinder, Photo Lab Management, Ranger Rick, and the Cousteau Society. They live in Portland, Oregon.

Jule Kijek (Redford, MI) says:
      This is a great book to fix everyday problems with pictures old and new. This book will not appeal to the Advanced amatuer or pro photographer as it is a BASIC fix book. No special effects. Just good advice on how to fix red eye, glare from glasses and poor lighting and color, among other things. I was not very familiar with photoshop and I was able to apply most of the techniques right away with good results. A great intro to the PS-E 2.0!


This is one in a trilogy of three attractive, informative books that form an excellent basis for a small library on digital photography. In recent years, digital photography has had a tremendous influence, and as equipment costs -- notably for cameras -- continue to drop, digital imagery will soon completely revolutionize photography. Each of these books will be very helpful for professional and amateur photographers making the transition to digital photography.

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by Jack Drafahl, Sue Drafahl

Paperback: 128 pages; Publisher: Amherst Media (January 28, 2003); Language: English; List Price: $29.95 - buy now: Price: $19.77 and You Save: $10.18 (34%)

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