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Fun with Photoshop Elements 3

by Rhoda Grossman

This book is the most fun you'll have with Photoshop Elements 3... it's truly Foto-Fakery for Everyone! Be sure not to miss the DTG Interview with Rhoda Grossman so you can meet the author!

Fred Sez:
      Rhoda's new book "Fun with PS Elements: Foto-Fakery for Everyone" covers the quintessential 'tricks' of image editing from switching faces on bodies to digital elastic surgery, to special effects makeup -- but goes much further with more exuberant fun than any other digital imaging book. A treasure at just sixteen bucks!"

elements? Wish your ex-boyfriend wasn't in that great picture of you with your family? Cut him out!
? Hate the shirt you're wearing in the picture of you with your best friend? Change the color!
? Need a special greeting card with YOU painted by Andy Warhol? Click & Step!

Do all of this and more with Photoshop Elements 3 and Fun with Photoshop Elements 3 can show you how. Get your feet wet and your hands dirty with this cheeky look at how to use the program for fun.

Learn the key tools and tricks through objective-based lessons that will show you how to complete a task quickly and easily so you can move on to the next task. By the end of the book, you will be able to combine elements of two photos into one image, perform "head transplants," makeover your clothes or face, edit people into and out of images and graft images together to create giant, mystical creatures. The possibilities are endless-let us help you reel them in!

As an additional bonus, SAMS has provided a complete web site where you can download the images and work files, (Over 46 MB !) as well as get extra materials for your Elements learning fun. Who said learning image editing can't also be entertaining! Call it Entertraining!

RHODARhoda Grossman

Rhoda Grossman has 14 years of experience as a professional digital illustrator and cartoonist. An accomplished teacher, Rhoda has shared her knowledge of digital painting and image manipulation techniques in numerous classrooms in the San Francisco Bay area. As principal in "Rhoda Draws a Crowd" she provides digital caricature entertainment for events all over the world. Rhoda has several Photoshop and Painter books to her credit, including a variety of releases of Photoshop Magic.

But wait! You also get...

Holy Cow! You also get all this: differences Between Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CS * Searching the Internet for Images * Using Royalty-Free Stock Images * Scanning Images * Printing from the Desktop * Outsourcing Print Jobs * Fonts * Rectangular or Elliptical Marquee * Lasso Tool * Magic Wand * Layers * Adjustment Layers * Blending Modes * Brushes * Gradient Fills * Clone Stamp * Toning Tools * Text and Effects * and the kitchen sink. Well, actually not the kitchen sink.

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by Rhoda Grossman

Paperback: 224 pages; Publisher: Sams; List Price: $24.99 - buy now: Price: $16.49 and You Save: $8.50 (34%)

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