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Photoshop Bibliography in The Design Bookshelf

Photoshop Bibliography

Creative Thinking in Photoshop - "a new approach to digital art" ... This is a departure from Sharon's well known "WOW" books, and a superbly inspiring departure at that. Here Sharon gives you deep insights into the artistic thinking process and then puts those thoughts to work in Photoshop. You'll see and learn creative experimentation that can take your art into new and meaningful directions. This is NOT a software manual although it teaches many techniques. This is a "thinking" manual that will make you a better creative spirit. (Editor's Choice for August , 2002)
Photoshop 7 Savvy - by Steve Romaniello is well done and will represent a good value whether you're a student or in the graphic arts, publishing, printing, photography, or web design fields. Even though it's serious training, beginners should not shy away from it. They'll be advancing faster than they might with many of the other books on the market today. For the University level instructor or serious Photoshop trainer it's a must! (Editor's Choice for September, 2002)Paperback: 704 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.26 x 8.96 x 7.54, Publisher: Sybex; Bk&Cd-Rom edition
Inside Photoshop 7 After reviewing each edition of Gary David Bouton's "Inside Photoshop" series one might suspect that it gets to be a bit 'old hat' after a while. I would think so too. But it just doesn't happen that way -- each new edition is a whole new discovery all over again! Although 98% of Photoshop 7 is exactly the same as Photoshop 6 -- David and his blue-ribbon team of co-authors have managed to bring forth a fact-packed and fun-to-read companion. If you still use Photoshop 6, get the book anyway. You'll see a whole new world of Photoshop, and you won't even need the upgrade! (Editor's Choice for September, 2002) Paperback: 1056 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 2.19 x 9.20 x 7.44, Publisher: New Riders Publishing; 1st edition
Photoshop Studio with Bert Monroy - by Bert Monroy... Bert wrote the first book on Photoshop -- and here's your chance to tap into that wisdom! Anyone with even the slightest inclination to produce works of excellence in Photoshop must read this book. No, I take that back -- must 'study' this book. It's subtle lessons teach you things that make or break an illustration that the bush-leagers never learn or think about. - Paperback: 260 pages * Publisher: New Riders Publishing; 1st edition (July 12, 2002) Our Price: $31.50
Photoshop 7 Studio Techniques - by Ben Willmore... Ready to learn not just the "how," but the "why" behind Photoshop's most powerful features? Photoshop guru Ben Willmore believes the only way to master Photoshop is to go beyond simply memorizing steps, and gain an under-the-hood understanding of the program. If you want to get beyond conventional step-by-step instruction and become "Photoshop enlightened," this is the book for you. - Paperback: 600 pages * Publisher: Adobe Press; 1st edition (June 26, 2002) Our Price: $35.00
Design Essentials for Adobe Photoshop 7 and Illustrator 10 (4th Edition) - by Luanne Seymour Cohen... Can you hear loud applause from the Design-Bookshelf reviews department? I can. This 4th Edition of Adobe's Design Essentials does away with the coffee-table, half-baked tutorials, and arrogant self-gratification of previous editions and presents a pretty good collection of real techniques. If we didn't rank the others so high, and you didn't buy one -- don't worry -- you waited for the best one yet! - Paperback: 304 pages Publisher: Adobe Press; 4th edition (July 10, 2002) Our Price: $28.00
Photoshop 7 Web Design - by Michael Baumgardt... Through clear, direct text and a gorgeous four-color layout, this volume both instructs and inspires- in the process delivering all of the information you need to produce better-organized, faster-loading Web sites. Whatever your level of experience, if you're ready to take on Web design with Photoshop 7, this is the book for you.' - Paperback: 336 pages * Publisher: Adobe Press; 1st edition (June 26, 2002) Our Price: $31.50
Photoshop 7 Classroom in a Book - by Adobe Creative Team, Adobe Creative Team... I use the PS 6 Classroom book in my Digital Graphics course at James Madison University. When the school installs 7 this fall, you can bet this book will be there too. (Note that very little has changed between PS 6 and PS 7 -- most of the lessons are the same with the exception of the new tools. It's worth it to get those lessons.) - Paperback: 500 pages * Publisher: Adobe Press; Bk&Cd-Rom edition (June 26, 2002) Our Price: $31.50
Photoshop 7 Artistry: Mastering the Digital Image - by Barry Haynes, Wendy Crumpler, Sean Duggan... EDITOR'S CHOICE ... Photoshop 7 Artistry is the book for serious professional photographers and digital artists who need to create expert imagery. This book is highly recommended for all Photoshop users -- all imagesmiths, in fact. Don't take our word for it: read what others are saying... - Paperback: 425 pages; Dimensions (in inches): 1.03 x 9.98 x 8.00 * Publisher: New Riders Publishing; Bk&Cd-Rom edition (July 2, 2002) Our Price: $38.50
Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Photoshop 7 in 24 Hours - by Carla Rose... If you're just digging in to Photoshop, here's the proven easy way to learn the basic techniques involved in creating and manipulating images with Photoshop. (Basics we said! This is the one for rank beginners. If you have experience at all in Photoshop, move on to one of our other selections) - Paperback: 450 pages; Dimensions (in inches): 1.06 x 9.11 x 7.37 * Publisher: Sams; 1st edition (April 10, 2002) Our Price: $17.49
Photoshop 7 Magic - by Sherry London, Rhoda Grossman, Robert Barnes, Michel Bohbot... Here's a collection of self-contained projects including step-by-step instructions, explanations, tips, and tricks -- and the best part is, you can customize each project or use them as launching pads for their own projects. (It's a short read, but for the unique projects, it's worth the price.) - Paperback (with CD-ROM): 304 pages; Dimensions (in inches): 0.57 x 8.04 x 10.02 * Publisher: New Riders Publishing; 1st edition (May 15, 2002) Check links for
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