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Photoshop CS / CS2 Wow! Book

by Linnea Dayton, Cristen Gillespie

You know those exquisitely illustrated cookbooks that have your mouth watering before you even leave the bookstore? The Photoshop CS /CS2 Wow! Book produces a similar effect!

We've talked about, and promoted the WOW books since they started the tradition back with Photoshop version 2.5. Through eight editions Linnea has brought the finest Photoshop learning anywhere on the planet -- bar none. That's why we continue to rank the Photoshop WOW Book as the numnber 1 book for Photoshop users.

Using ravishing, full-color photos of professionally designed Photoshop projects (and a CD crammed with project files and examples), the latest edition of this best-selling book carefully lays out the recipes you need to follow to reproduce the works shown in its pages. Seeing is doing as you follow along and explore all of Photoshop's most important features, including those new to both Photoshop CS and CS2:
* How and when to use the new features in Photoshop CS and CS2, including the Spot Healing Brush, Lens Correction, Lens Blur, Vanishing Point, and Variables
* How to build your skill with familiar Photoshop features such as blend modes, adjustment layers, channels, and filters
* How to focus attention on the subject of a photo, retouch a portrait, tint an image, or convert a color image to black-and-white
* How to bring out your inner artist with Photoshop's sophisticated brushes and vector-drawing tools
* How to create dazzling special effects for type and graphics -- from custom textures and realistic materials to animation and rollover for the web
* How to build a striking layout or a seamless composite, including the little details that make a big difference in the art of creating illusions
* How to keep your creations organized with layers, layer set or groups, layer comps, and Smart Objects
* Camera Raw - The integration of Camera Raw, the Lens Correction filter, nonsquare pixel support
* Photomerge technology (which allows you to create seamless panoramas from multiple images)
* The Vanishing Point filter (which allows you to create visual perspective)
* File Browser & Bridge (CS2) - the ability to place text on paths and in shapes, enhanced file management with the File Browser (CS) and Bridge (CS2)
* and more.

As always with this popular series, the emphasis is on results -- how to produce the best work in the least amount of time using the fewest steps possible. To that end, you may just find some tricks even Adobe doesn't know about!

Photoshop CS / CS2 Wow! Book

The blockbuster by Linnea Dayton, Cristen Gillespie returns with 800 pages -- nearly 2-inches thick -- of the latest and greatest how-to learning for Photoshop ... but seriously folks, what you're really after is the CD, right? It's not a CD this time, it's a jam-packed DVD...

The DVD is worth the price of admission...

Below is just one example of the instant "WOW" you get with any of dozens of styles included. Best of all, you can combine styles, textures, strokes and actions to produce literally millions of different combinations of effects.

Photoshop WOW Gel Buttons

The DVD treasures are alone worth the purchase price. In fact, you won't have time to see everything it has to offer. There's even a lift-out PDF -- WOW Shortcuts.pdf -- useful time and errort savers for online or printing! You'll also get work files for all chapters, valuable tools to automate operations, PLUS, an incredible selection of plug-ins, filters, actions and all maner of cool goodies you can't wait to get your hands on!

click herePhotoshop CS / CS2 Wow! Book

Authors: Linnea Dayton, Cristen Gillespie

Paperback: 800 pages; Publisher: Peachpit Press; Book&Dvdrm edition (October 12, 2006); Language: English; Product Dimensions: 9.0 x 7.5 x 1.7 inches; $59.99 - buy now: $37.79 and $23 - 37% OFF

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