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A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Photographic Output

by Duncan Evans

SPOT COLOR One of the nicer books I've seen in a long, long time is AVA's new Digital Photographic Output by Duncan Evans. While Duncan covers virtually all issues surrounding digital photography for both beginners and intermediates, he does so with clear, succinct writing and thoroughly enjoyable visuals. Yes, he covers the mundane -- and yes, many experienced pros may find the book too simple. However Evans also covers the illusive topics of digital photography that are all too essential for even the intermediate photographer or digital image smith -- printers; color and mono inkjet printing; alternative ink systems; calibration; paper types and all manner of digital effects.

Making panoramas from multiple digital photographs

Evans begins with an excellent essay on image definition including cameras, resolution and how the digital image is actually constructed. This arms the reader with the basic fundamentals for understanding all the digital information that follows. A good foundation is what is too often missing from even the best books on digital photography. Also covered are image size and interpolation -- topics of paramount importance when print sizing.

High Key converts color to black and white drawings The chapters on digital effects offer some of the best insights we've seen, from duotoning to spot color and panoramas. The tutorial on converting a color photo to a High Key black and white drawing captures the essence of a child for a truly wonderful photograph. (Click and wait for the image to load)

As we said before, this hard-hitting information is presented in a succinct manner, with most issues covered in spreads. There's not too much reading -- but enough to bring thorough understanding of the subject matter. The book is lavishly printed, 100% in color, on heavy coated stock. The imagery and diagrams are clear and make the techniques involved easy to understand and remember.

We highly recommend this Comprehensive Guide to Digital Photographic Output by Duncan Evans to everyone who uses a digital camera -- whether professional or not.

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by Duncan Evans

Digital Photography - Paperback: 144 pages Publisher: AVA Publishing (August 28, 2005); List Price: $22.95 - buy now: Check Links and Up to 30% Discount

Duncan Evans

Duncan Evans has worked as a software programmer a technical writer, a photographer's assistant as well as Editor of on few than ten national magazines, plus contributor to many more. He is a member of the Royal Photographic Scoiety, currently with a LIcentiateship distinction (LRPS). He has previously written two books for AVA; the hugely popular A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Portrait Photography and the AUtumn 2004 publication A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Glamour Photography.

AVA provides this Synopsis

Previous books in AVA's highly successful Digital Photography series have focused on scene, subject and technique as the means to achieving an excellent shot. A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Image Output complements all these elements by detailing the new methods available at the other end of the imaging process. Lavishly illustrated throughout with simple but striking images in AVA's trademark style, this guide shows how similar results can be easily achieved at home. The reader is enlightened by comprehensive descriptions of the printing and colouring processes, and common technical and creative problems are dealt with clearly and concisely. This book will be indispensable to students, established professionals and those who simply have an interest in making their images look as good in the hand as they do on screen.

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