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Digital Photography Guide
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Tips and Tricks for Shooting and Sharing

Digital Photography Pocket Guide

by Derrick Story

Who's Really in Charge--Your Digital Camera or You? The nature of your relationship with your digital camera is determined early on in your association, and it all comes down to a question of which of the two of you is going to be in charge. According to Derrick Story, author of the newly released second edition of the "Digital Photography Pocket Guide", you'll soon reach a crossroads with two paths before you. Along the first path, you take what you've learned about your camera in the first few minutes and use that knowledge to take the best pictures you can. Here, the camera is merely an acquaintance: it'll suffice to take snapshots on vacation or at birthday parties. But it's clearly the camera that is in charge.

The other path, Story explains, is much different: "The first few steps are the steps that everyone takes with a new camera. 'How do I make the lens zoom?' 'Where's the battery compartment?' But after a short while, you find yourself in territories previously unknown. You begin to wonder, 'How can I take a close-up of that flower?' or 'Can I shoot a portrait at twilight?'"

The "Digital Photography Pocket Guide" is a friendly guide for those who want to take the second path. Now in full color, the new edition expands on the basic photography techniques introduced in the bestselling first edition to help photographers take the kind of pictures they've always wanted to. The book covers everything from image resolution, shooting sports action, close-ups and night shots, to memory cards, transferring images, archiving, making QuickTime movies, and much more.

"Digital cameras are great, no doubt about it," says Story, "but the more features they get, the more they seem to control the picture-taking process. I want the user to be in control. And based on the cameras I see today, this is a very important issue if digital cameras are going to reach their potential as tools for creative expression."

Story's friendly, matter-of-fact style of rendering perplexing technology accessible has led many a budding digital photographer to new heights of expertise. "I've been teaching and writing about photography for some time now," Story explains, "and one comment that I consistently hear is that most photo books 'talk down' to the reader, or they don't do a good job of explaining the techniques. I wanted to write a book that spoke to the reader clearly, intelligently, and with a hint of excitement about digital photography. Based on the mail I've received from the first edition, people like the tone of this book. One reviewer said that I was the 'Mr. Rogers of technology.' I don't wear comfy sweaters, but I do like clarity and brevity."

Like the first edition of the book, the new "Digital Photography Pocket Guide" is divided into three sections:

  1. "What Is It?" is an alphabetical quick reference to all the parts of a digital camera
  2. "What Does It Do?" provides lessons on techniques and how to use the camera
  3. "How Do I?" explains 21 professional techniques in easy-to-understand language
Digital Photography Pocket Guide This handy pocket guide will prove useful to anyone who uses a digital camera. Even advanced amateurs forget whether to overexpose or underexpose in certain lighting conditions, and novices will appreciate the clear explanations of the various camera functions.

Digital Photography Pocket Guide

Take it from me, if you're serious about your digital camera and taking great pictures -- then you'll have the Digital Photography Pocket Guide along on every shoot!

Fred Showker

* Digital Photography Pocket Guide, Second Edition by Derrick Story, 113 pages, $14.95 US, $23.95 CA

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