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Platinum Edition Using Microsoft Windows XP

by Robert Cowart, Brian Knittel

While most Windows books concentrate on a ground floor approach, Platinum Edition Using Microsoft Windows XP takes an entirely different approach - one that assumes the reader is a bona fide Windows black belt who wants or needs to manage multiple users in a networked environment, turbocharge a Windows installation with registry tweaks or stop hackers in their tracks. This book doesn't waste time telling the reader how to simply live with Windows - it tells the user how to squeeze every last drop of performance from it.The CD contains one hour of video from Brainsville! This unique video package brings Bob and Brian right to the reader's desktop. This personal seminar digs deep into the guts of Windows XP and is a valuable addition to any power user's bag of tricks.

About the Author

Robert Cowart has written 30+ books that have sold more than 1 million copies worldwide. He made his name writing for Sybex and Osborne - most notably the Mastering Windows series of books. Brian Knittel is a software developer, consultant, and writer. He's authored or co-authored four of Que's best-selling Windows books. As a team, Bob and Brian have written Special Edition Using Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Special Edition Using Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, and Special Edition.

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by Robert Cowart, Brian Knittel

Hardcover: 1440 pages; Dimensions (in inches): 2.44 x 9.44 x 7.66; Publisher: Que; Book and CD-ROM edition; List Price: $59.99 - buy now: Price: $41.99 and You Save: $18.00 (30%)

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