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Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual

by David Pogue

If you're ready to switch, this is your guide.

Apple's "Switch" campaign, aimed at Windows PC users who've had it to here with the complexity, intrusiveness, viruses and hassle of life in Windows, is having tremendous success. Lured by Apple's gorgeous computers and Mac OS X, the new super-stable operating system, thousands of Windows refugees are making the leap to the simpler, cleaner lines of the Macintosh -- and then discovering that just buying a new Mac isn't quite all there is to it. Not only must they learn new ways of doing things, but they may find it a challenge to bring over their digital lives from the PC they leave behind (or leave on their desk as a second machine).

This concise, entertaining book from celebrated author and New York Times columnist David Pogue shows Mac converts how to make the move quickly and easily.

With refreshing humor and jargon-free prose, Pogue teaches novices and power users alike how to move their files, address book and email collection from a PC to the Mac; adapt to Mac versions of programs such as Microsoft Office, FileMaker, Photoshop, America Online and Quicken; find familiar controls in the new system; set up a network to share files with PCs and Macs; and adapt their old printers, scanners, and other peripherals. An important part of this book is Appendix A, the "Where'd It Go?" Dictionary, which includes an alphabetical listing of every familiar Windows feature, and where readers can find its equivalent in Mac OS X.

Association of Apple Computer Users & Groups, and the User Group Network's "MUG Info Manager"

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by David Pogue

Paperback: 447 pages; Dimensions (in inches): 1.10 x 9.32 x 7.06; Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates; 1st edition (March 2003); List Price: $24.95 - buy now: Price: $17.47 and You Save: $7.48 (30%)

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