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The Macintosh iLife '04

by Jim Heid

The Macintosh iLife '04: An Interactive Guide to iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, and GarageBand

The Macintosh isn't meant to be a computer, really, but rather an appliance that enables you to have more fun, and enjoy yourself in novel ways (hence iLife, Apple's name for a set of hardware and software technologies primarily for home users).

The Macintosh iLife 2004 combines multimedia presentations on a DVD with printed illustrations and text. The combination should enable even the most timid technophobe to assemble a new Macintosh, connect it to the Internet, then hook up a digital camera and an iPod to the system--and use the collection of devices to gather music online, edit video, publish photos on the Web, and create multimedia DVDs. The book, in short, covers everything a young family would want to do with their Mac in order to keep the folks at home up to date on the growth of a grandchild.

The printed portion of this publication (the book) uses many screen shots. There are often three or four on a single page, cropped to call attention to the important parts of each. Callouts--arrows and captions--highlight key controls and other features on each screen shot; they serve as how-to instructions.

The DVD can run on a computer or DVD-equipped television, and includes both video lectures and full-motion screen captures. The DVD helpfully makes reference to pages in the book.
      --David Wall

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