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The Little Mac Book, Tiger Edition

by Robin Williams

We love Robin. Her fresh and friendly writing is second to none -- making learning the right lessons fun to learn and memorable

To the Mac faithful, that's the lovely sound of the system starting up -- soon to be followed by the initial smiling computer icon. Unfortunately, as with many things in life, sometimes bad things happen. Expecting to receive a greeting from your familiar, cheerful icon, you hear chimes of doom and a frowning computer appears.

Have no fear! Ms. Robin Williams, expert Mac author, is here! The last chapter of The Little Mac Book quickly runs through possible scenarios as to why your machine would be unhappy. But reading The Little Mac Book is like taking preventive medicine. Williams spends the first 300+ pages of The Little Mac Book introducing readers to the fascinating inner workings of the Macintosh system. With a greater understanding of the Mac's files and folders, you may never come to meet either the Sad Mac or -- more ominously -- the Dead Mac.

With a style both chatty and informative, Williams has crafted a guide blissfully free of heavy-handed techno-garble. Instead, she provides a tour simple enough for the newest Mac owner and complete enough to teach experienced users a thing or two.

Adopting a back-to-the-basics approach, this best-selling little Mac classic has been revised and overhauled to introduce users to Tiger, Apple's newest version of its revolutionary operating system.

Using straightforward, jargon-free explanations delivered in logical, easy-to-follow sections, Robin is a new user's personal guide, coaching and encouraging users as they learn their way around the magic of the Mac.

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by Robin Williams

Paperback: 216 pages; Publisher: Peachpit Press; Language: English; List Price: $14.99 - buy now: Price: $10.19 and You Save: $4.80 (32%)

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