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Macworld Mac Secrets
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Macworld Mac Secrets

by David Pogue, Joseph Schorr

David Pogue is the king of the Mac OS writers, and indeed one of the best authors of computer books around. For the latest edition of Macworld Mac Secrets, Pogue has teamed up with Joseph Schorr, the Mac writer who's written all the previous releases of this deservedly popular book. The result of their cooperation is a complete and fun-to-read treatment of Mac OS 9.1 and its predecessors. Coverage of Mac OS X is relegated to an appendix that doesn't touch on the Darwin core much at all, but all users of earlier Mac systems will be delighted.
__ Straight documentation ("Follow these steps to accomplish this goal") is part of what this book is about, and the authors have done a good job of showing how to do everyday work with the Finder, its applications, and networks (including the Internet). The real value of this book, however, is its vast collection of tips, tricks, and shortcuts. They're not really secrets, but they're the kind of things that you'll want to try right away as you're reading. For example, the authors explain how to get two Macs to open the same file at startup with the help of a removable disk, and how to use a utility from the book's Web site to change a file type. A lot of these tips come from readers of earlier editions, making this book a nice example of the Mac user community in action.
Reviewed by David Wall

Topics covered:
* How to get the most fun and utility from Mac OS 9.1 and earlier versions of the Macintosh operating system.
* Finder fundamentals, control panels, extensions, the history of the Mac product line, hardware, desktop publishing, digital photography and video, and Internet connectivity all are covered.
__ And as Mac technology improves and expands, so too do the insider tricks and techniques that enable you to maximize the Mac's potential. How do you keep up with all these little-known tidbits of information? The answer is no secret: get this book.

* Macworld Mac Secrets - by David Pogue, Joseph Schorr Paperback - 1299 pages 6th edition (June 15, 2001) Hungry Minds, Inc, Dimensions(in inches): 2.13 x 9.20 x 7.40

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