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Stencil Graffiti Capital: Melbourne

By Jake Smallman and Carl Nyman

stencil graphicsThe stenciled image of the squatting man holding a sign that reads: "Keep your coins, I WANT CHANGE," speaks directly to the surge in street art across the globe. In a time when large institutions get larger and often hem in the ability for individuals to get their voices heard, the streets serve as canvases that anyone with some paint and a message can access. The advantage of stencil graffiti over freehand graffiti is the ability to conceive, design and cut stencils in private and in public quickly, concisely, and in many instances, covertly apply the stencil to any flat surface. Stencil Graffiti Capital: Melbourne is the first book to explore the Melbourne's thought provoking, visually rich stencil graffiti scene.

Melbourne is a hotbed of stencil graffiti and in this book, two of the major players in the city's vibrant scene provide a lavish visual tour of the alleyways, buildings and sidewalks across which an artistic movement spreads. More than just a catalog of Melbourne's best stencils, however, the authors use their street artist status to interview important figures in the scene, many of whom prefer to work behind veils of secrecy, about their inspiration, motivation and techniques.

inside the book Extensive in terms of subject matter, the stencils in this book deftly demonstrate the artists' ability to convey any range of emotion or message. From witty turns of phrase, to intricately patterned logos, to alluring vixens, to political messages, to the down-right absurd, Stencil Graffiti Capital: Melbourne documents the free-for-all of expression that runs rampant through the city and makes apparent why the movement has garnered attention not only from other Australians but from street artists and popular culture enthusiasts all over the world.

Through intimate interviews, dynamic layouts and a riot of examples the artists are shown in the context of world street art culture. Nearly 500 full colour images document the beauty and breadth of the work produced. Art, interviews and profiles of artists including: Psalm, Phibs, Sixten, Meek, Rone, Prism, Sync, Meggs, Banksy and more make this an essential book for anyone with an interest in street art, design and contemporary popular culture.

Reviewed by Maggie Hohle

making the stencil Fred Showker, editor for the Design Bookshelf says:
      "Discovering stencil graffiti through this book -- and learning how these artists apply the medium -- simply blew me away! This is a delightful and thought provoking romp into the very soul of artistic expression -- this is emotion and message interpreted into visually stunning graphic images; not art for art's sake! There's a distinction! And art from the soul is always more powerful than any other. Treat yourself to Stencil Graffiti Capital: Melbourne and it will find its place among your most treasured picture books!"

Tristan Manco, author of the bestselling book Stencil Graffiti says:
      "The city's walls and spaces are meeting places for ideas - propelling the art form forward as artists outdo each other with bigger, bolder, madder or simply strange and beautiful stencils that leave you completely bewildered and addicted. Melbourne has easily the best stencil graffiti scene in Australia if not the world at the moment!"click here

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Stencil Graffiti Capital: Melbourne
By Jake Smallman and Carl Nyman

Casebound 160 pages, extensively illustrated in color; ; Language: English; List
Price: $27.95 Price: $17.61
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About the Authorsthe authors

Melbourne's Jake Smallman has worked as a graphic designer in the United Kingdom and Australia. His involvement and commitment to stencil graffiti has earned him media attention and garnered him gallery shows and commissions all over Australia and in the United States.

Carl Nyman lives in Sweden where he works as a graphic artist. His art has been featured in gallery shows in Australia, Europe, Canada and the United States.

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