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Maya Techniques: Hyper-Real Creature Creation +DVD

Eric Miller, Paul Thuriot, Jeff Unay

This is : The Industry Expert's Guide to Modeling, Texturing, and Rigging in Maya (Maya Techniques S.)

Maya Techniques | Hyper-Real Creature Creation provides users with an inside look at working with Maya in a production setting.

Authored by a team of industry experts it explores the recommended workflows for achieving hyper-realistic results when creating humanoid characters. Based on the creation of a biped beast, this book will provide step-by-step instructions and accompanying theory with each artist covering his area of expertise, specifically modeling, texturing, facial setup, and body setup.

The DVD will include instructor-led training movies; models, setups, and scene files to complete all the tutorials in the book; and interviews with the author-artists.

Table of Contents:
* Creature Pre-production
* Poly Box Modeling
* Modeling According to Muscle Flow
* Advanced Poly Tools
* Workflow Techniques
* Corrective Blend Shapes for Rig Skeleton
* Set-up Squashy Lips
* Compressible Spine Cluster on the Mesh
* Fleshy Eyes and Sticky Lips
* Re-Directing Modeled Shapes into Attribute-Driven Muscle Groups
* Making Corrective Shapes Using Wrap Deformers
* Eye-Refraction Tricks
* Realistic Skin Shading Joint
* Chain Creation Hierarchies and the Broken Hierarchy
* Technique Creating Controls for a Humanoid Creature
* Applying Joint Chains into the Hierarchy Binding the Creature...
* and too much more!

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Eric Miller, Paul Thuriot, Jeff Unay

Published by: Sybex; Paperback; 300 pages; web rating: ; us; $59.99 - buy now: $32.28 and Up to 30% OFF

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