Maya 4.5 Fundamentals

by Jim Lammers, Lee Gooding

Author Jim Lammers says:
      "Based on some of the feedback we got for the 4.0 edition, we tried to improve the 4.5 edition in several ways. First, we added more information on the character animation tools in Maya. Garry Lewis, a talented Maya artist, helped me craft the content of this chapter. Secondly, we added all the edits necessary to make the new edition respect the features new to Maya 4.5. This is particularly evident in the re-write of chapter 7's proxy modeling - Maya's speedy new SmoothProxy feature.
      In an effort to continually improve our products, New Riders Publishing is looking for feedback from those who have purchased this book. This feedback is specifically about the CD-ROM that accompanied the book, and its impact on the product. Please email the Media Developer for New Riders Publishing, Jay Payne if you would like to participate in the feedback.

Don't miss Maya 4.5 Fundamentals
by Jim Lammers, Lee Gooding

Paperback: 624 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.06 x 9.12 x 7.38, Publisher: New Riders Publishing; 2nd edition (January 14, 2003); List Price: $45.00 - buy now for Price: $31.50 and You Save: $13.50 (30%)

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