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Master Visually 3ds Max 8

Jon McFarland, Jinjer Simon

3ds max is the dominant professional software for creating 3D effects in films, television, and games, used in such high-profile productions as The Day After Tomorrow, X2: X Men United, The Last Samurai, and the Oscars television show

* More than 600 pages of two-color screen shots and step-by-step instructions show visually oriented users how to tackle a broad range of intermediate-to-advanced animation tasks using the latest version of 3ds max

* The companion CD-ROM features a trial version of 3ds-the full version retails for $3,500-plus project files from the book

* 3ds max has an estimated 170,000 users who work in the visual arts-film, television, advertising, and games-as well as in architecture and engineering

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click hereMaster Visually 3ds Max 8
Jon McFarland, Jinjer Simon

Published by: Visual; Paperback; 601 pages; web rating: 4.5; us; $39.99 - buy now: $22.44 and Up to 30% OFF

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