The Art of Maya

by Alias Wavefront, Sybex

Ian Cairns, Editor, MAYA Association says:
      "[The Art of Maya] should be the first book you buy for your collection."

An Introduction to 3D Computer Graphics
      Maya is a 3D modeling, rendering, animation, and paint software package that delivers all the tools and features 3D artists need to produce animation and visual effects on the computer. From feature films to interactive video games, Maya lets you play the role of director, actor, set designer and cinematographer as you build, render and animate digital characters and scenes.

In The Art of Maya, every page is full of diagrams and illustrations and the depths of the software will become your tools for generating killer images in no time.

Don't miss The Art of Maya
by Alias Wavefront, Sybex

Paperback: 240 pages; Dimensions (in inches): 0.63 x 11.94 x 9.48; Publisher: Sybex; 2nd Book and CD-ROM edition (January 2, 2003); List Price: $60.00 - buy now for Price: $42.00 and You Save: $18.00 (30%)

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