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3ds Max 8 Bible

Kelly L. Murdock

* The latest edition of the perennial bestseller weighs in at more than 1,000 pages and is packed with expert advice, timesaving tips, and more than 150 step-by-step tutorials one of the most popular animation modeling and rendering software

* A Quick Start project shows beginners how to complete an animation immediately while they learn the major features of 3ds Max

* Covers the newest software features such as the new hair and fur module, the new cloth system, the expanded Motion Mixer, the new batch render tool, and more

* The CD-ROM includes all the examples and content from the book, as well as unique models and textures that readers can reuse

Inside, you'll find complete coverage of 3ds Max 8
* * Model a detailed creature right away with the Quick Start tutorial
* * Add realistic and dynamic hair, fur, and cloth to your models
* * Create complex characters with Max's new biped features
* * Use the expanded Edit Poly options to work more efficiently with Edge Ring and Edge Loop selections
* * Explore Max's new Asset Tracking system including the Autodesk(r) Vault client
* * Make texture creation a snap with the new Pelt mapping method and the Render UVW Template feature
* * Save, load, and retarget animation files using the supported XML Animation File (XAF) format
* * Easily render a series of stills from several angles with the new Batch Render tool

Bonus DVD Included!

Features a wide selection of 3D models and textures just right for your own projects, plus the Max files and examples to more than 150 tutorials. The DVD also includes a full-color electronic version of the book!

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Kelly L. Murdock

Published by: Wiley; Paperback; 1296 pages; web rating: ; us; $49.99 - buy now: $ 31.49 and Up to 30% OFF

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