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Paperback - 230 pages 2nd edition (June 2000) Prentice Hall

TypeSense: Making Sense of Type on the Computer

by Susan G. Wheeler, Gary S. Wheeler

With all the "real" typography people now enamored with the internet, Susan and Gary Wheeler's TypeSense is probably the last remaining bastion of true typographical expertise available today. This book along with Alex White's "Type In Use" are the only typography books you'll ever need to design publishing projects with typographical excellence.
__ TypeSense demystifies typography and typesetting on the computer from a unique perspective -- working from the broadest possible parameters of page typography to the detail-oriented sentence typography. It is a thorough documentatin of the current state of digital typography, complete with the rules for its use.
__Providing detailed information in elegant and readable prose, and giving readers specific and in-depth examples of typographic problems and their solutions, this comprehensive guide covers typographic history, typesetting, and typographic design all in one book and keys in on four major areas of typography usage on a page, in a paragraph, in a sentence, and as a design element helping readers make sense of type on the computer and create professional-quality typographic designs.

Keywords: Desktop Publishing: page layout, printing, dtp, design, Quark, Pagemaker, (DTP) - 1/1/01

Design Bookshelf for designers graphic artists photographers illustrators painters

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Design Bookshelf for designers graphic artists photographers illustrators painters
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