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Logo Design for Small Business

Eye-candy and a shot in the arm...

signs and logos Once in a while we get the opportunity to meet someone new and discover more great resources for our readers. Such is the case with Dan Antonelli and his wonderful "Logo Design" books.

During our "Logo Design" month last December we received an email from a fellow wanting to know if he could send us his book for review. We get dozens of these kinds of requests, and of course we replied yes, we'd love to take a look. Shortly thereafter, these two books arrived on the reviews desk and they've been a real hit with everyone who has seen them since.

While we talk a lot about this or that design book these books are very different from the typical design industry book. Aside from Chuck Green, John McWade or Leslie Cabarga, most books specifically about logo design are targeting the high-end, ivory tower clients. They are probably excellent books, but they don't really supply what 88% of the designers really need -- and that's simply hard-hitting logos, colors, typography, and rational for the local business owner. And, that's why all designers should pick up both editions from Dan Antonelli.

Logos from the trenches

Logo Design 2 Dan Antonelli owns and operates Graphic D-Signs, Inc. - a full service graphic design and advertising agency. He is focused on providing small to mid sized firms a one stop solution for all their marketing services, from logo and print advertising design to custom truck lettering and web design. His favorite type of work is logo design. You can surely see it from these two excellent books on the topic.

harvest logoHere you'll find not only hundreds of great logo and sign ideas -- but help, tips and tricks for designing logos, setting up layouts, type, colors, and even client relations. These are the real thing, too. Not some dreamed up idea of how the author thinks you should design a logo -- but tried and proven layouts and designs that were ordered, designed, produced and paid for. So, there's nothing hypothetical about these books. Antonelli's material is so good it's been published consistently by SignCraft Magazine!

deli logo There are two volumes, both of which are handbook size for easy thumbing and scarcely 100 pages each. So you can take them along, for creative inspiration. Don't let the small size fool you though -- they are full color and packed with some of the most sparkling logos, art and signs you'll find. Volume 2 picks up where volume one leaves off and adds more content about marketing, pricing, working as a designer and even how to make sure you get paid.

logo design
If you plan to take even one more logo or sign job, then you simply must get both of these little books! You can purchase both through Amazon for well under fifty bucks. Trust us, it'll be one of the best fifty bucks you've spent -- you surely won't regret it.

Don't miss
Logo Design for Small Business
by Dan Antonelli -- Paperback: 72 pages; Publisher: Signcraft -- List Price: $25.00 Price: $21.25 You Save 15%

Logo Design for Small Business 2 by Dan Antonelli - Paperback: 72 pages Publisher: SignCraft Publishing Co. Inc. - List Price: $25.00; Price: $21.25; You Save 15%

A reader in Las Vegas said:
      Real World Logos, thats the point!! Too many of these other logo design books show all these corporate logos - pie in the sky stuff - that the average, small freelance designer will generally not have the opportunity to work on. I want to see REAL WORLD logos - for the pizzeria, for the plumber - for the small businesses that most freelance or smalller designer deal with all day.

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