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New visual culture of Iran

A stunning visual treat...

New Visual Culture of Modern Iran

By Reza Abedini & Hans Wolbers

I received this book shortly after beginning to read Arabic for Designers by Mourad Boutros, and have carried the two books around with me for the past week. Reza Abedini and Hans Wolbers have done a fabulous job of putting together the New Visual Culture of Modern Iran as a sure-fire wake-up call to the undiscovered graphic design excellence found in Iran. While the nightly news is squawking something about governments in opposition, I am stricken by the sheer wonder and beauty of the arts in that middle-eastern culture.

This book has no text, with the exception of Wolbers story about his first trip into Iran, and Abedini's fascinating essay about the roots of Iranian and Persian civilization. (Easily worth the price of the book!) What follows is a page-turning visual presentation of some of the most exciting graphics, illustration, calligraphy and photography I've seen in a long time. America's overall graphics look and feel has become a melting-pot of styles and moods that overwhelm the visual sense in sheer diversity. So much so that one can no longer characterize the art and design as American. The art and design presented in New Visual Culture of Modern Iran on the other hand is both steeped in its roots with ancient Persian civilization while strikingly modern in sheer light, dark and breath-taking imagery. New Visual Culture of Modern Iran is pure eye-candy in the 10th degree for any graphic designer.

illustration Reza Abedini's presentation about contemporary Persian typography at the AGI conference in Helsinki in 2003, made clear to those in attendance that the subject merited a book. Iran underwent many changes in the wake of the 1979 Revolution.

The sources of creative influence in Iran expanded as a result of the uprising, and the passing of time has incorporated those changes into the country's cultural fabric in ways that may surprise most Westerners. New Visual Culture of Modern Iran colorfully showcases some of the most innovative and impressive work from illustrators, graphic designers and photographers living and working in Iran today.

As Abedini writes in his introduction:
      "This book . . . will give you an insight into the real Iran, other than what the BBC or CNN news would give you!"

I cannot stress this point too much. The visual images in this book are both thought provoking and soothing at the same time. Ancient influence seems to touch nearly every piece from tapestry / fabric inspired designs to purely graphic expressions -- all of which provide great insight into a culture the news channels fail to realize. I am confident that this book will give any visual communicator a fresh and thrilling creative shot-in-the-arm. I believe too, it could very well become one of those welcome picture-books you'll pick up again and again.

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New Visual Culture of Modern Iran: Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography

by Reza Abedini, Hans Wolbers
Hardcover: 159 pages - Extensively illustrated in color throughout; Publisher: Mark Batty Publisher; Language: English
List Price: $49.95
Amazon Price: $32.97 You Save: $16.98 (34%)

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