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Meggs: Making Graphic Design History

Meggs making graphic design history This is the book that gives you a rare look into the life and vision of the late Phillip B. Meggs. Not only does it reveal the person behind The History of Graphic Design, but takes you into the workings of his art, design, teaching, and family. This is our selection for the Book of the Year ... Meggs: Making Graphic Design History

Editor's Choice: A Guide to Graphic Print Production

A Guide to Graphic Print Production by Kaj Johansson, Peter Lundberg, Robert Ryberg . . . This book MUST be in every graphic design, advertising, illustration and photography studio! It is the essential bible for putting ink on paper, and producing it right.
      Now completely revised to reflect the latest technology and trends, A Guide to Graphic Print Production, Second Edition is the complete guide to the entire process of print production, from early stages of conception and planning, to the technical stages of manufacturing and off press processing. Structured around the graphic print production flow, essential material is included for all aspects of the process including coverage of computers, chromatics, layouts, digital images, image editing, prepress, paper, printing, finishing and binding, Environmental and legal issues
A Guide to Graphic Print Production, by Kaj Johansson, Peter Lundberg, Robert Ryberg

Editor's Choice: The Practical Guide to Information Design

Information DesignThis is the definitive, behind-the-scenes guide to mastering information design -- helping graphic designers make the transition into information design for the knowledge age. Another milestone book from Ronnie Lipton... The Practical Guide to Information Design

Typographic Design: Form and Communication

- Fourth Edition of the bestselling book on letters, typeography, visual communications and design aesthetics, and designing for legibility

Fresh Dialogue 6: Friendly Fire: New Voices in Graphic Design

Fresh Dialogue 6: Friendly Fire: New Voices in Graphic Design (Fresh Dialogue//New Voices in Graphic Design) by Princeton Architectural Press
Fresh Dialogue 6: Friendly Fire inaugurates a bold new direction for this popular series of roundtable discussions by emerging designers. The new design is leaner and meaner -- more like a manifesto than a catalog -- and ready to inspire
      The 62 is a Brooklyn-based design and art collective that works with designers, artists, and social and not-for-proit organizations on projects that involve a vision of sustainable culture within a contemporary urban environment. Crye Associates design, engineer, and fabricate everything from light switches and handheld PCs to handgun components and GP racing motorcycles. As lead contractors on the U.S. military's Project Scorpion they are reinventing everything worn or carried by a soldier. In Fresh Dialogue 6, The 62 and Crye Associates discuss their similarities and differences with special emphasis on the large gray area in between
Fresh Dialogue 6: Friendly Fire: New Voices in Graphic Design
Author: Princeton Architectural Press
Regular price: $16.95 - our discounted price: $9.95
Published by: Princeton Architectural Press; Paperback; 112 pages; web rating: ; us

Visual Grammar: A Design BriefVisual Grammar: A Design Brief (Design Briefs)

by Christian Leborg
Life in the image world has made us all voracious, if not always deliberate, consumers of visual messages. Easy access to computer graphic tools has turned many of us into either amateur or professional image producers. But without a basic understanding of visual language, a productive dialogue between producers and consumers of visual communication is impossible. Visual Grammar is both a primer on visual language and a visual dictionary of the fundamental aspects of graphic design
      Dealing with every imaginable visual concept -- from abstractions such as dimension, format, and volume; to concrete objects such as form, size, color, and saturation; to activities such as repetition, mirroring, movement, and displacement; to relations such as symmetry, balance, diffusion, direction, and variation -- this book is an indispensable reference for beginners and seasoned visual thinkers alike.
Visual Grammar: A Design Brief
Author: Christian Leborg
Regular price: $19.95 - our discounted price: $13.70
Published by: Princeton Architectural Press; Paperback; 96 pages; web rating: 4; us

Meggs' History of Graphic Design

- This is the quintensential book for serious graphic designers -- now in it's fourth edition, means the difference between people who say they design and real graphic designers... BOOK OF THE YEAR

Logo Design for Small Business

AntonelliHere are two books that are sure to please the fancy of any graphic designer, illustrator or sign designer -- Dan Antonelli, veteran designer in the graphics and signing industry shows nearly 300 top logo designs he's created for small businesses. You'll learn how to be a success designing logos for your local clients... Logo Design for Small Business

Communication Design Principles

DESIGNSomeone requested that we publish an article on design principles. But you really can't portray the scope of the topic in a single aritcle -- at least one that people would read on the internet. The best advice is to pick up this month's Editor's Choice; Jorge Frascara's Communication Design Principles, Methods, and Practices

Chuck Green: Graphic Workshop

Chuck Green is back with a major blockbuster -- his Design-it-yourself GRAPHIC WORKSHOP is a delightful instruction manual for non-designers , and a healthy shot of creative energy for the pros... don't miss it!


New Visual Culture of Modern Iran

IranNew Visual Culture of Modern Iran By Reza Abedini a Hans Wolbers is a stunning visual treat -- a page-turning presentation of some of the most exciting graphics, illustration, calligraphy and photography in the world... pure eye-candy in the 10th degree Visual Culture of Modern Iran

Arabic for Designers

Aribic Arabic for Designers by Mourad Boutros is an insightful look at Arab aesthetics... In a time when the eyes of the entire world are focused on the Arab countries -- cultures clash, understanding is lost. This book of graphic design, art, illustration, photography and advertising, provides us with A Profound Bridge Between Cultures...


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