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Goodbye Gutenberg:

by Valerie Kirschenbaum

How a Bronx Teacher Defied 500 Years of Tradition and Launched an Astonishing Renaissance


This is probably one of the most stunningly visual books we've seen in the Design Bookshelf in some years. There's really nothing to compare. We would call it a visual masterpiece, authored by Valerie Kirschenbaum, a high school teacher in the Bronx, who sees the future of graphic design -- and its past -- at the same time.

With 860 gorgeous, full color images from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Maya, India, China, Japan, Tibet, and medieval Europe (many never seen by an American audience), Kirschenbaum provides what world renowned graphic designer Milton Glaser described as "the visual history of the universe and its relationship to writing."

Gutenbers Valerie combines the breathtaking beauty of illuminated manuscripts with today's latest technologies to create a scintillating multisensory experience. This spread characterizes the illumination which adorns the entire book!

But Goodbye Gutenberg is more than just a book. It is a cultural heirloom for your family, a gem to own and cherish for a lifetime. This is a once in a lifetime chance to own a limited first edition printing.

More full color spreads from the book can be freely downloaded from the author's website -- like this one, where Valerie writes about how color is percieved.

Rave Reviews

Reviewer: Roger Paulding says:
      "What a beautiful book. What an astounding presentation. An exceptional Christmas present for a teacher, a writer, or a graphics illustrator, a present they will long remember and forever thank you for. Will we watch black and white TV if we have color? So asks Valerie Kirschenbaum, why should a novel or any other book, for that matter be just verbal and not visual?

Reviewer: Paul Tognetti says
      "It does not happen very often, but every once in a while a book comes along that completely changes the way you look at a particular subject. You thought you knew the subject pretty darn well when suddenly all of your preconceived notions are shattered!!! It can be a pretty unsettling experience. But in the case of Valerie Kirschenbaum's stunning "Goodbye Gutenberg" it is a wonderful experience! ... Just about everything you see in "Goodbye Gutenberg" was done on a PC. And that's just the point. "Goodbye Gutenberg" has forced me to rethink all of my preconceived notions about books and reading."

Valerie Kirschenbaum

ValerieA 12 year veteran of New York City public schools, Valerie Kirschenbaum currently teaches at Wings Academy in the Bronx. She received grants from the International Reading Association and the Children for Children's Fund to develop innovative new methods of reading and writing. Among her many accomplishments, she is the first female writer in 500 years to design an original font for her own book and the inventor of the new genre of "designer writing."


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by Valerie Kirschenbaum

Publisher: Global Renaissance Society: Hardcover: 416 pages; Price $47.95 - Do yourself a favor and buy Goodbye Gutenberg now.


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