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Design Literacy: Understanding Graphic Design

by Steven Heller

BEST The Fluent Designer... The Book that That Put "Design" into "Culture" Returns

When Steven Heller was searching for a publisher for Design Literacy, he was told that the book was a risky project. Who would be interested in a sparsely illustrated book on design culture and history? Yet the visually quiet, fiercely observant essays hit a nerve with the members of the design community, whom it presented as ambassadors of culture and critical thinking.

Nearly 20,000 copies and seven years later, Steven Heller's pioneering anthology is making its comeback with a newly edited, expanded edition. Co-published by Allworth Press with the School of Visual Arts, the classic reader challenges designers again to look beyond studio walls and into their profession's ever-growing cultural legacy.

Written by Steven Heller over the course of the past fifteen years, Design Literacy, second edition, features literary snapshots of design objects and designers to create a rich tableau of the forces, people, and design objects that shape our cultural landscape. The more than 140 essays combine the best from previous editions of the book, including James Victore's iconic cover design and new aesthetic, political, historical, and social commentary. Topics covered by the new essays include:

Design Literacy is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the designers and objects that keep inspiring Western graphic design and pop culture across time and space.

Inside The Business Of Illustration

This is another important title from Steven Heller and Marshall Arisman that guides to the ins and outs of today's dynamic illustration business -- teaching budding illustrators everything that their teacher didn't know or their art director didn't tell them. Using an entertaining, running narrative format to look at key concerns every illustrator must face today, this book covers finding one's unique style and establishing a balance between art and commerce; tackling issues of authorship and promotion; and more. In-depth perspectives are offered by illustrators, art directors, and art buyers from various industries and professional levels on such issues as quality, price negotiation, and illustrator-client relationships.

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by Steven Heller

Edition: Paperback, 6 x 9, 464 pages, 136 b-w illustrations, ISBN ; List Price: $24.95 - buy now: Price: $15.72 and You Save: $9.23 (37%)

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