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Graphic Workshop

A step-by-step guide

Chuck Green business card sample In his famous skillfull manner, reknown graphic designer and author Chuck Green helps you tackle real projects from the initial idea to the final printed pieces. But what makes this book so wildly special is the clean, clear way Chuck gives you the inspiration and then guides you through the steps to handle each detail.

Chuck says:
      "Think of it as a cookbook. Instead of discussing the history of the stove and the intricacies of milling flour, I'm going to show you how to bake a cake. And if I've done my job -- following one of my design recipes will result in a logo, letterhead, business card, and newsletter that looks and sells as if it were designed by a pro."

a spread from Chuck Green's Graphic WorkshopIdeas Galore

This book is not about making a non-designer a designer -- but it is for everyone. Non-designers will find these designs easy to copy. Professional designers will use them as inspiring and helpful building blocks and idea starters.

Chuck comments:
      "The Design-It-Yourself series is written primarily for "non-designers,"in layman's language, and endeavors to include all the information necessary to produce real-world, professional-quality results. Everyone, of course, is a designer in the sense that they make artistic judgments about everything from the clothes they wear to the way they decorate the rooms they live in. By "non-designer," I simply mean those who don't make their living at it."

Getting Down to Work

You couldn't find a better manual than this book. The layouts are stunning and logical. It's printed in over-sized format with color throughout. (Try this spread -- it's a large file, but you'll be able to scroll around and read it.)

The book includes hundreds of illustrations, diagrams and color guides as well as references to finding good resources to use in your designs. You get literally every detail: dimensions, photo sources, sizes, style sheets, font suggestions and even color palettes for perfect layouts every time. You also get detailed production checklists so you can get the job to the printer with minimum headaches.

Another Chuck Green spreadThe designs are clearly marked with all the design details you need. There's no guessing involved, all you have to do is follow the easy-to-understand recipes for executing these dynamic designs. Project recipes cover setting dimensions for page layouts; recommendations for type, including its name and the suggested point size; color ideas; paper information; sources for graphics and photographs; and a complete production guide. The book includes a wonderful selection of well-crafted designs for logos, letterheads, businesses cards, and newsletters that anyone can accomplish easily with impressive results. (Like this fantastic identity package: including all the parts!)

Seeing is believing

Green's designs are a perfect balance of shape and contrast, image and word. I cannot say too many good things about this book. You simply have to see it yourself to get the full story.

If you're looking for a concise how-to book on graphic design that avoids all the theory and just gets down to the nuts and bolts of getting a project done, then this book is for you.

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click hereDesign-It-Yourself: Graphic Workshop - A step-by-step guide
by Chuck Green

Hardcover: 311 pages from Rockport Publishers, Product Dimensions: 11.1 x 8.9 x 1.0; List price: $40.00; buy it at our price: $26.40, and you save: $13.60 (34%)

About the Chuck Green

Chuck Green is the principal owner of computer software company Logic Arts Corporation, and has worked with clients including AT&T, Lotus Development Corporation, and the United States Navy. He is the author of Rockport Publisher?s Design It Yourself: Logos, Letterheads, and Business Cards; Desktop Publishers Ideas Book, 2nd Edition; and Clip Art Crazy, and is a frequent contributor to, and column writer for, several design and business publications. He lives in Glen Allen, Virginia.
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