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"Let the power of art
inspire, inform and enhance
your designs..."

A Review by Fred Showker

___ Art of Design: Inspirational Designs from Fine Art Illustration & Film by Cheryl Dangel Cullen is one of those books you just love to savor. It's hardbound and printed over-sized in a horizontal format so that when open the spreads are a full two feet wide! Lavish and sublime!
___ The book is not just another lovely coffee table book. Taking its visuals seriously, and pondering the origins and uses of the art it presents gives today's designer some rare insights. Looking beyond the borders of graphic design and into other fields of artistic endeavors, the designer can find fresh new ways of presenting information. And, that's what this book is all about.

What inspires you?
Where do you turn when your ideas run dry?
What do you do when you face the total intimidation of a blank page?

Cullen writes:

"Most often designers turn to their roots when seeking inspiration. For many designers, those roots are in the fine arts, so that is where they turn when searching for ideas. It is like seeking out a favorite overstuffed chair to settle in with a good book, or sitting down to eat a favorite mean; there is a measure of comfort in what we know that relaxes the mind and allows it to travel to new horizons."

The Art of Design is about some of the best and most influential designs you're ever likely to see. From fine art and photography to illustration and film, this book takes you where some of the world's finest designers have found their ideas. Each page showcases large full-color designs accompanied by in-depth captions that reveal the origins of each example.
      Enjoy an in-depth interview with Seymour Chwast -- one of the last remaining 'greats' of the visual communications industry. Learn from Mike Salisbury and Misha Lenn and gain priceless insights from those who have set the standards of merging art and design.
      The book is divided into three sections of inspiration: illustration, filmmaking and fine art. You'll enjoy more than 100 inspired designs from the classics of oils to the glory of the Academy Awards. Each spread is a visual treat . . . one that all graphic communicators need to consume!

The Art of Design
inspired by fine art, illustration and film

by Cheryl Cullen

List Price: $35.00, now $24.50 You Save: $10.50 (30%)
Hardcover, Publisher: How Design Book (November 2002)

Cheryl Dangel Cullen is a writer and public relations consultant specializing in the graphic arts industry. She is the author of more than 8 books and has contributed to HOW magazine, Step-By-Step Graphics, Graphic Arts Monthly, American Painter and others.

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