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Adobe Photoshop CS2 One-On-One

by Deke McClelland

I've got a lot of Deke McClelland books on my shelf -- from as far back as the Photoshop Bible 1. He's been a prolific Photoshop guru, friend to thousands, and is probably known as the number one Photoshop writer and educator in the industry. But folks, I seriously believe this is Deke's finest hour. This book is simply wonderful. There's not a dull or fluffed page in nearly 500 pages. Seriously. I used to give Deke a hard time because he would wander off and get a little too verbose. Many times his humor just didn't hit the target he was aiming at. But One-On-One is remarkably good stuff. I've looked at every page at least twice, and read probably 90% of it word for word. It's good. Very good.
      I'm holding back my review of Deke's TOTAL TRAINING series, first so that he doesn't get too much promo from us in one month, and mainly because our August theme is Back To (Design) School, and TOTAL TRAINING is perfect for that. But I feel compelled to confess that I really kind of like the book better. The DVDs are swell, but just not quite as comfortable to learn from. With the book you can read then re-read, and, of course you can take it along... as evidenced by my slightly soiled, and damp copy. (Left on the car seat with the window rolled down during a rain storm!) Besides, the CD included has two hours of TOTAL TRAINING video anyway, so if you like it you can always buy more.
      Deke is an Adobe Certified Expert a member of the PhotoshopWorld Instructor Dream Team and recently inducted into the National Association of Photoshop Professionals' Photoshop Hall of Fame, if you can believe Scott Kelby would give up that much of his own turf. But then Scott says: "As a Photoshop author, I hate picking up a book and learning things I didn't already know. But Deke's done it to me again! If you want to learn Photoshop from the ground up, look no further."


As the name "One-on-One" implies, McClelland walks you through Photoshop as if he were teaching you in a classroom. The images, menus, dialogs and other 'aids' train with indelible detail and accuracy. You'll get many of Deke's Pearls of Wisdom gleaned from years of experience. And he doesn't miss many of the fundamental operations like straightening and cropping images after gang-scanning them. In the excellent chapter on image correction, Deke gives a command performance on using levels and adjusting brightness and contrast. He shares this comment:

The biggest changes tend to revolve around issues of luminosity-that is, light colors compared with dark ones. You most often hear this expressed as "brightness and contrast," where brightness is how light or dark a group of colors are and contrast is the degree of difference between light and dark colors.
      Photoshop pays lip service to this colloquialism with its Brightness/Contrast command. Although exceedingly easy to use, it lacks the predictability and control of Photoshop's more capable functions such as Levels, Curves, and Shadow/Highlight. These tools analyze an image according to three basic attributes-highlights, shadows, and midtones, or what the uninitiated might call light colors, dark colors, and everything in between.
      Such distinctions not only let you adjust brightness and contrast, but also provide you with selective control over an image. You can make the shadows darker, the midtones lighter, and leave the highlights unchanged. And you can make these changes without upsetting the color balance one iota; or you can adjust luminosity and color values together. Be it red or blue, night or day, sky's the limit.
[End Quote]

Photoshop CS2 One-on-One

is accessible to complete beginners while still offering tips and secrets that even the most experienced Photoshop users won't know. Readers are sure to find that the combination of step-by-step lessons and video introduction provide the best learning experience of any Photoshop resource on the market. The book also contains "Extra Credit" sections that show readers how to tap into Photoshop's powerful--and sometimes arcane--features to give their projects a professional polish. Multiple choice quizzes follow each lesson, providing a great teaching tool for educators and a way for new users to test their here

The book is built around twelve lessons, each made up of three to six exercises, illustrated with more than 600 photos, diagrams, and screen shots -- all on coated stock, in color! Each book-based lesson comes with a corresponding video lesson, included on a companion CD. The exercises are project-based, culminating in real-world projects that you can show off when you're finished.

As a Photoshop user myself, and instructor of Photoshop at James Madison University, I believe this book will help all digital artists enjoy the enormous task of mastering Photoshop.

Don't miss Adobe Photoshop CS2 One-on-One
by Deke McClelland

List Price: $39.95, your price: $27.17 - Save: $12.78 (32%) -- Paperback: 488 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.06 x 9.66 x 7.98; Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates; Bk and CD-Rom edition
Download the Sample Lesson mentioned above in PDF format: Chapter 5: Crop, Straighten, and Size (PDF)


Adobe InDesign CS2 One-on-One

Adobe InDesign CS2 One-on-One (One-On-One) by Deke McClelland
Digital publishing guru Deke McClelland has written over 80 books on computer design and imaging that have won numerous industry awards. An Adobe Certified Expert, Deke is a featured speaker at The InDesign Conference and a member of the PhotoshopWorld Instructor Dream Team. Deke hosts the exhaustive and entertaining DVDs Total Training for Adobe Photoshop and QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign CS-Making the Switch. In 2002, Deke was inducted into the National Association of Photoshop Professionals' Photoshop Hall of Fame.

Nothing speeds up learning like personal training from a skilled tutor. Adobe InDesign CS2 One-on-One delivers that invaluable learning experience by giving you the closest thing possible to private lessons with author Deke McClelland, a world-renowned expert on digital graphics and design. You can proceed at your own pace, working on relevant, real-world projects, while mastering fundamental and advanced concepts, theories, techniques, and best practices for making the most of InDesign. With over two hours of Deke's professional instruction and advice, and 600 full-color images, diagrams, and screenshots to illustrate every key step, you'll soon be on the fast track to becoming a real InDesign expert./ This comprehensive multimedia training solution shows you how to:
* Create professional-looking documents with InDesign's powerful text and graphic tools
* Import text from a word processor, move and scale existing text frames, and check spelling
* Use the line, pen, and geometric shape tools to draw complex graphic objects
* Apply fill and stroke, specify process and spot colors, and design custom rules
* Use the new Adobe Bridge to organize and manage your digital assets
* Import and modify layered artwork from Photoshop and Illustrator
* Create inline graphics and anchored objects that move automatically with your text from one page to the next
* Create, edit, and link paragraph styles, complete with nested character styles
* Apply a sequence of style sheets to format an entire document in one operation
* Build object styles with embedded paragraph styles in order to format entire frames at a time
* Use master pages to automate repeating page features
* Automatically generate a table of contents
* Compose a fully interactive document-with bookmarks, hyperlinks, buttons, sounds, and movies-and export your creation to a PDF file that can be played on most computers

When you're finished with Adobe InDesign CS2 One-on-One, you'll use InDesign smarter, faster, more creatively, and more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

"The combination of hands-on lessons and video demonstrations is invaluable. Deke really brings InDesign to life." -David Blatner, coauthor of Real World Adobe InDesign CS2/
Adobe InDesign CS2 One-on-One (One-On-One)
Author: Deke McClelland
Regular price: $44.99 - our discounted price: $20.00
Published by: O'Reilly Media; Paperback; 493 pages; web rating: 4.5; us
Department: Programming/ Web Graphics/ Workflow/ Adobe InDesign/ Game Programming
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