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BEST 2003

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Paperback: 160 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.52 x 8.14 x 8.12 Publisher: How Design Books; (January 2003)
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When the time came for the Design Center and Design Bookshelf to select the "Book of the Year" we had a rather hard time deciding between a number of books. But as in last year, one book usually comes to the surface as everyone's favorite. This year TWO came to mind, so the unanimous decision was to have two books of the year -- this is one of them. You can read more about our decisions at in the January issue of DTG.

Idea Revolution

Guidelines and prompts for brainstorming

by Clare Warmke

Clare Warmke's Idea Revolution rose to the top of the pile of books in published in 2003 because it represents the very best for all designers in all facets of the visual communications fields. It's the best because it's not a computer book, or a 'how-to' step by step book. These books are useless if there's no spark of creativity. This book improves and nurtures our creative side -- the part in all visual communicators which must be at peak performance, or all the other books are in vain.

Fred Showker says:
"So many "design ideas" books on the market today are show-n-tell books which show you the ideas but not where the ideas came from. This book on the other hand, energizes your brain to generate your own creative ideas."

Where do those ideas come from?

Designers are in constant need of new inspiration, and this guide gives them ample ideas right when they need them most. Enjoyable, motivational and unique, Idea Revolution features more than 100 brainstorming exercises guaranteed to supercharge every designer's creative energies.
      In three browseable sections, this book targets the major obstacles to the creative process by guiding you through exercises that jolt you, your colleagues and your clients back to life.
      Brainstorming prompts are industry-tested by graphic designers and other creative professionals to be sure-fire idea "getters" that can bring you out of any creative block you may encounter.

We cannot say enough good things about this book

Anyone, and I mean anyone in a position to create visual communications-- be they brochures, newsletters, posters, web pages, books, annual reports, or what have you -- must get Idea Revolution! If you study this book's lessons you'll agree it pays for itself with the first creative flash. I do not know if How Design Books will reprint this book, so you really need to purchase it before it goes out of print.

Clare Warmke

Author, Clare Warmke, is an editor for HOW graphic design books, and has written a wonderfully readable story about one creative encounter. "A Little White Space" is a real-life example of her Clare's favorite quote from Henry David Thoreau:
"The truly efficient laborer will not crowd his day with work."

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Design Bookshelf for designers graphic artists photographers illustrators painters

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