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The Arts & Crafts Computer
by Janet Ashford

by Janet Ashford
Over the years, we've shared many, many fun ideas in the computer graphics field which easily cross over into the arts and crafts genre in time for the holidays.
___ Our annual Holiday theme during November and December is all about things you can do to decorate your publications, and web sites with a holiday flare.
___ This year, it's our wonderful pleasure to have all the best ideas beautifully wrapped up in the perfect idea book for all ages, and computer skills. In fact, it's the ideal gift for anyone who likes nice things -- that they made themselves!

the gift you shouldn't wait to give.
by Janet Ashford

List Price: $34.99
Our Price: $24.49
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Paperback - 144 pages 1st edition
Peachpit Press ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.50 x 10.04 x 9.01


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Janet AshfordThe gift you shouldn't wait to give.

Janet Ashford and I have been acquainted for years, having first met as speakers for the In-House Graphics design conference in 1989. I was delighted when -- out of the blue -- her new book arrived on my doorstep.
___ The Arts & Crafts Computer is the best book we've seen in a long time to say "here's lots of great things you can do with your computer even if you're not a computer person!"
___ Using the computer as an artist's tool is not a new idea. However, over the years as the computer and abundant software worked into our day to day existence, most of the fun and, yes, even innocence, has been overshadowed by technical mumbo-jumbo and nerdy ways. Thanks to Janet however, an important aspect of the computer is celebrated in her new book for all to enjoy.
___ Folks, this is the holiday gift that should not wait until Christmas. Give this book now. Wrap it up in home made paper (the recipe is inside), say happy holidays, but then instruct the recipient to open it NOW. Don't wait.
___ The Arts and Crafts Computer is a tender and absorbing flight into wondrous things you can do with your computer to participate in crafting nice things. It's the very best way to humanize your computer experience.
___ Janet shows you how to use your personal computer, scanner, digital camera and color printer as artist tools to create beautiful graphics and artful objects for gifts or for your home.
___ You don't have to be a computer wiz. In fact, the less you know, the more enjoyment you'll get from this book because Janet teaches you important computer techniques all while you learn how to

  • Understand the basics of digital image-editing, typesetting and graphic design.
  • Gather the right tools, both digital and traditional.
  • Use the new inkjet printing media including cloth, decals, stickers, magnets, transparencies and more.
  • Work with art materials safely, avoid computer-related stress and find environmentally friendly materials.

The toils of your labor will be rewarded with dozens upon dozens of heirloom quality objects 'd'art to give or keep. Among others Janet guides you to create unique greeting cards and envelopes, artist books, games, toys, home decorations and gifts. Here's a sampling of cool things you can do!

The Learning Experience can be so much fun...
Gift boxes* Learn how to transform not-so-good snapshots into great art
* Get great idea starters for making toys and games
* Learn how to set up computer scanning templates, add art and fold to create gift boxes and all kinds of stationery items.
* Use photo-based art for greeting cards.
* Create beautiful motifs to decorate household items and gifts like tote bags, aprons and other cloth items.
* Learn everything you need to know to make decals that stick to glass, plastic, wood and metal

Ladies and gentlemen, I'll say it again: give this gift NOW. Nothing makes a better gift than something you've made yourself, and now is the time to get those creative juices flowing -- Christmas time will be too late. Get it now. In fact, you'd better pick up several because you will want one for your own!

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___ It's as simple as that.

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"No family who owns a computer should be without this book. It's wonderful for all ages, and will give you the means to give the most special gift you could give... something you made!
Don't wait until Christmas... give this gift early in November to enjoy all throughout the holidays -- and even all year long!"

Fred Showker
Editor/publisher, DT&G Magazine

The Arts and Crafts Computer
by Janet Ashford is from our good friends at Peachpit Press out in Berkeley, California.

About the Author:
Janet Ashford is a free-lance writer, artist and musician who has written seven books on computer graphics, including (with John Odam) Start with a Scan: A Guide to Transforming Scanned Photos and Objects into High-Quality Art (Peachpit Press, 2000). She has worked in graphic design and desktop publishing since 1986 and regularly writes how-to articles for computer and design magazines. She lives in Mendocino, California.

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