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Paperback (October 1994) Rockport Pub, Dimensions: (in inches): 0.43 x 8.23 x 5.78 .

Color Harmony 2

A Guide to Creative Color Combinations

by Bride M. Whelan

"Highly recommended -- one of the Designers' Best Friends"
Fred Showker, DT&G Magazine

"Color Harmony 2" is an invaluable tool for anyone working with color. From graphic designers to interior decorators, from fashion designers to floral arrangers, this book can help anyone create effective color schemes for any project. Colors and color schemes matched to specific moods provide unique color and design possibilities. 12 basic hues with 94 tints and shades give over 1400 color combinations in single-, two-, and three-color schemes. Vivid color photographs illustrate many different color combinations. Color swatches and a color conversion chart assure easy and accurate color matching. Easy-to-follow lessons in basic color theory.

Bride M Whelan, an instructor at Parsons School of Design, New York City, teaches basic and advanced courses in color theory. For many years she taught graphic design at Paier College of Art, New Haven, Connecticut, and lectures extensively on an variety of design-related topics.

Excerpted from Color Harmony 2:
The aspects, or qualities of color, refer to colors and color combinations that evoke certain emotional responses. We use many words to describe the properties of individual colors and to compare and contrast them, but "light" and "dark" is the basic distinction. Without sunlight or artificial light, there is no color. We depend on light for color, which we use in countless combinations to express our ideas and emotions. The following aspects of color contain color combinations that exist in harmony with each other, and are in spectral balance. "Spectral balance" occurs within the eye as thousands of waves of electromagnetic energy of different lengths bounce off (or are absorbed by) the chemical components of any object. Light waves reflect red, yellow, and blue, and the rods and cones in the eye's retina simultaneously mix and sort these reflected colors into thousands of tints and shades, which work to offer endless possibilities for specific color use. Color is both simple and complex. It means different things to different people in different cultures. No color is seen the same way by two people. Color is personal and universal, sending messages full of endless variations. (This excerpt is from: A Guide to Creative Color Combinations by Bride M. Whelan. Copyright © 1994. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved )

(See also: "Color Harmony Workbook")

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Design Bookshelf for designers graphic artists photographers illustrators painters

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Design Bookshelf for designers graphic artists photographers illustrators painters
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